New start; granddaddy purple, white widow, chemdawg

Some people soak in jars, some in paper towels. I use coffee filters. Lol. They hold water well and always seems to work for me. Dropped 2 granddaddy purple, 1 ww, 1 chemdawg. All 4 cracked open and sprouted in 24 hours. Before I soaked the filters I mixed a tiny bit of rooting hormone in a water bottle and shook it up. I punched holes in the lid so I could sprinkle it out.
I picked up the starter some at a local shop. I sprinkled water into it and covered it. Humidity shot up to 80-85% at 70*
They’re going into little pint sized pots w soil before going to their final home.
Based on another thread I read that they actually grow faster in smaller pots as opposed to larger? I wonder what you guys think about this theory. Is there any truth to it. I mean leaving them in say 3 gallon pots instead of 5 or 7? It goes against what I normally do with my other garden and houseplants, but who knows.
Any help, advice or guidance is appreciated.




Nice selection you have. I use toilet paper for my way of doing things. I prefer toilet paper as it holds the moisture really well.


Yeah that would work. I actually just use what I have. We can’t keep paper towels in my house. Hahaa. And yeah thanks. It was a careful selection. I can’t wait!