New sprouts, do you recommend the use of Mycorrhizae

First time grower here. In my excitement and enthusiasm while waiting for my seeds to arrive I went and bought a container of Mycorrhizae. I don’t see much chatter about here in this forum, but I did see a lot of it being used in youTube videos.

If you do recommend it’s use, how is it best used? In the videos it just seems to be slathered on the root prior to it being placed in the soil.


I use great white when I transplant. I use a seedling starter soil for my seedlings which already containes some Mycorrhizae in it so I don’t add any great white.
But if
You were to add some in my opinion it would only help with a healthy root system. I just wouldn’t go overboard with it.

When I use it for transplantin I’ll mix some with some distilled water and lightly water the soil with the roots in it once o take it out of the smaller pot, I’ll also lightly water the hole I created in the larger pot.


Hi @Jmesser80,
The starter soil I’m using is Miracle-Gro Seed Starting Potting Mix, and as far as the literature on the site and reading on the bag, there’s no Mycorrhizae in it.

To use the mycorrhizae, should I just put a dab on my (clean) finger tip and smear it on the tap root?


@garberfc, personally I would do what @Jmesser80 said… Mix into water and the water in the transplant…IMHO… I wouldn’t mess with touching the roots… Also if your just sprouting, your weeks away from transplanting… Just let the plant get stronger and stronger


I use Mykos and Azos which is similar. I believe they too have mycorrhizae in them.

I mix some together into my transplant soil sprinkle some on the roots.

I haven’t used great white before but I’ve heard good things. The guy at my local hydro shop swears by it.

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Your correct, no Mychorrizhi in the miracle grow product… @garberfc

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@Ray4x… I do same thing but haven’t used my Azos yet… I sprinkle a little Mykos in hole of seedling starter mix and then drop my germinated seed in…Also sprinkle in hole whenever I transplant… It’s great stuff… I just picked up cloning gel and when I do clone, I’m
Gonna dip clone in gel then use the Azos powder on it to do a test…



Yeah I do Mykos mixed into the soil and Azos on the roots. I’ve had tremendous success with them! The roots take off! When I do my first clone I’m going to use root gel and the roll it in the Azos too!

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When you do it, let is all know how they do… I’m will do the same… Gonna be awhile for me but I think the Azos will work really well @Ray4x, everywhere I read about Mykos and Azos, people rave about it… I’m sold on Mykos so far for sure

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@garberfc I don’t think I would put any directly on the tap root with your finger. If it were me I would make the hole for the seed and sprinkle a little into the hole and then place the tap root down into the hole and cover over. Or mix a little with some distilled water and spray the hole with it and then insert the tap root down into the hole. I don’t like to touch the tap root if I can help it since it is very young and fragile.

You could also mix some into the soil as well before you put the seeding soil in the pot that way it will have it available as the roots spread out.

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@Jmesser80, I’ll try mixing it into the soil. It sounds like a good idea.


It is great stuff I think makes the roots bright white and healthy.

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@garberfc Im pretty sure you also don’t go to a gas station and put supreme gas then add a fuel enhancer.


You do if you want to drive a Ferrari!

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Hahaha yeah if only we had ferraris.

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@Ray4x Hey I harvested one of my plants last night and as my wife was trimming we came across about 20 seeds. Did I do something wrong or is this something that happens a lot.

I use Photosynthesis Plus and the plants seem to like it, but oh boy, that smell. Thank goodness it goes away during feeding, it is good stuff.


Sounds like she went hermie on you.

It happens usually when a plant gets stressed during flowering. It’s the plants way of survival- like if I’m gonna die and I haven’t been pollinated yet- then I’m gonna make seeds myself.