New sprout not sure if this is right catagory


Hello I’m not sure if this would be the right catagory. Started germination a few days ago (critical mass) and my intentions are to do some topping, LST and either a scrog or sea of green, not sure what you would call it. Ive grown a few times before but I have never tried this technique and I’m sure I will have questions. I just don’t want to start a new topic every time I have questions or problems with the plan. Hopefully there won’t be any problems. The last grow I got about 8oz per plant, I’m trying for close to a pound. This strain seems to really stretch about 300% after you switch from 18/6 to 12/12. With this in mind I built a differant tent 5x5x7 one plant. I should have plenty of room. I’m runnin MH/MPS I can go anywhere from 300 watts up to 1600. I have a fan for entry of cooler fresh air and an outlet fan to remove the warm air. I use DWC for now then I will use RDWC 10 gallon tote and a about 7 gallon resovoir. No pics yet, if Requested No problem.


Sounds like you’ve got a good plan, @sillyman. Just keep posting in here, and folks will answer if you have any questions or concerns. I’m not a hydro grower, and am just finishing my first grow, using a scrog. Welcome to the forum!


We love pics bud! Welcome to the forum! :+1:


@drillbit l

I Knew that, I’m not new to this forum but Iv’e been learning quite a bit since I joined. I should have posted pics earlier but the plant was not in the bucket and the grow tent wasn’t finished. Been in the pot for 3 days i think had a problem with PH for one nightI hate the hard water around here, thought I had PH good and the next day it was 645. Oh well thats under control now. I do have an intake fan just forgot thaose pics. Used panda film from top to bottom.


Looking good @sillyman! Good luck. Here’s a link to my new journal. Here I grow again on my own! SS fem #2


I guess its about time for my first topping. its a little short but I expected that, this strain doesn’t grow very quick until flowering. How long should I wait for the second topping

She’s about 3 weeks old and just put new water/nutes using GH ph is about 5.8


I’d top again when the new shoots are starting 3rd node.


Just thought I would give an update on my grow. I, will start flowering next week, hopefully the stretch is enough to keep me satisfied. Anyway this is my first scrog/ topping. Topped twice and doing some LST hopefully I,m doing this right. any thoughts or suggestions to help improve.


From this photo, I can’t tell if you’re doing any tucking or tying down to the screen. Or is it just there for support later on? If you have a week before flipping, I’d go ahead and do some tucking or tying down, so the new growth we be a more even canopy along the net. It’s looking like a nice shade of green, with plenty of good growth though! Strong work.


@WonkaMan I think I took that picture before I tied anything down., but yes they are getting tied down, I have been doing this every couple of days, it is in flowering and probably only have a couple of more days left before I cant do it any more.


Here are a couple more pics, wont be able to do any more tieing down but could trim fan leaves. this is my first toppoing and scrog so any input on things iv’e done wrong would be appreciated. One thing I know I goofed up on is that I didn’t have my bucket centered.


I think I may have stressed this one out a little. I flipped from 18/6 to 12/12 over a month ago and the white pistols are not turning color. Normally I believe they should be by now, at least a little red hairs. I have a 5x5 grow tent that I built and topped twice tied the branches down but she over grew a bit and the branches seem to be on the weak side. On a side note Ive been feeding her about 2 gallons a day without flushing for a couple of weeks, should I just flush it out and put in fresh nutes? here are a couple pics the branches are just leaning against the walls, Ive tied a few up but should i tie some more?


Well I will say doing a first time scrog was both a success and a failure. It was a success because I believe the yield will be more than what I’m accustumed to. A failure because there is an overgrowth and it looks like a mess. The plant seems healthy but the way it grew is not to my liking, Oh well. I should be able to start flushing to get ready for harvest here in a week or two. I dont have the right type of camera to take pictures of the trics but do know what Im looking for. I may harvest a little at a time or may try the ice around the plant for a couple days before chopping it.


How many weeks in flower are your plants? (I’ve been away for a while, so sorry that I haven’t chimed in sooner.) They look a bit young to be getting ready to think about harvesting yet, but you have plenty of buds, and they look healthy, from what I can see in these photos. You’ve done well.



They were about 6-7 weeks at the time of those pics. I don’t have any way to take pics of the trics but I do know what I was looking for. I have been flushing for the last week and now cutting it down. The Trics were milky and on a few buds I saw some amber so it was time for my purposes, just medical CBD. I don’t flower as long as other people I know but I’m looking for high CBD and very little CBN hope that makes sense.


Yep. That makes sense to me. Congratulations on a great grow! :tada::tada:



I’ll get some pics up for you when I’m done cutting it down, probably tomorrow. I’ll be cutting all day today.


I made a rookie mistake on the grow. I know I’ve read everywhere dont cut the fan leaves. I did in to many areas and got a lot of popcorn at the bottom and went up to the middle. There was a section I couldn’t get to at all because of intake and exhaust fans that area grew great, no popcorn.

If I could ask a favor of anyone reading this, please on my next grow remind me frequently not to cut fan leaves.
Ive’e been growing for several years and i’ve always cut fan leaves but now the proof is in the grow.


Interesting. I’ve never heard of the direct correlation of no fan leaves --> popcorn buds. I thought it was just to provide some energy to the plants in the final phase of flower. But if I see your next journal, I’ll remind you to save those fat leaves to the very end! Happy New Year.



Sorry I didn’t post the pics yesterday but here they are. Yeah the areas wher I cut fan leaves off the middle to bottom turned out very small flowers and those areas were closer to the light than the areas where i couldn’t get to them. that area turned out to have average sized flowers. it was actually far enough away wher i didn’t think that area would give me much of anything but it was the best area.