New spring special


WOW. i don’t know if this happens every year, but what a great thing to do by ILGM. they have a new variety of seeds for sale as a spring special. i have to wait a month and a half before i can order more seeds. does anyone know how long they will have this special on for? I want to say again wow! thanks a bunch ILGM. what a great favor to do for your customers!


should still be there in six weeks @monkman

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They always have some 20 for 10 sale going, you should be OK

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This sale will probably be over, but they are pretty good at having sales similar to this around most holidays… So check around memorial day if you miss this one…


Well, it’s over already, didn’t even last a month. not very fair to us folks who only get money once a month. and yes @boardsbird they always have some 10 plus 10 free going. my first buy was the white widow fems and i had planned to get the superskunk second to take advantage of the deal. but i really wanted the northern lights… oh well!

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Your still good


yea @boardsbird, i know. those have been on sale since i started at this site in Jan. i got the white widow first to take advantage of the deal. by the looks they have those two strains (ww and ss) on sale all the time. so now i am back to my original plan of super skunk 2nd grow and baked sweets for third grow.

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What!! the special is over already?

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