New spot to guerrilla grow


@dbrn32 I think gets a lot of direct and indirect light. I’m not quite sure. @Covertgrower I have a crazy organic soil I made from my other spot. Thankyou


I agree with @dbrn32 about the light. But, she’s growing and looking healthy and that’s great. Now would be a good time to scout around and mark a more sunny location for your next grow. :grin:


@SmoknGranny thankyou will look for next year👍


Try to check a few areas out at different times of the day if possible. That’s what I did before my gals became guys. I was shooting for a 6-8 hours of sunlight through the tree canopies.



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I’m not very skilled in outdoor guerilla grows, but it looks good to me. How old is she again?


Frist week of May.


Definitely scout a better spot for sun @soilman837 . You have not killed it and it’s green so good job. But it could get you more for your money if you get more light.
I suggest a nice level open spot. Observe surrounding shadows created by surrounding trees and tall vegetation at your new spot. Make several trips at the the spot at sunrise, noon, 3pm 5pm and sunset. Taking picture at a particular spot at different times of the day (in the same spot everytime) will inform you of what is really going on at your particular site. It’s ok to have shadows some parts of the days and other time it doesn’t do much good.

If you are in or about day 50+ you should have 5-6 nodes (from your camera angle I count 2-3 nodes) . She looks healthy but I think she’d be much taller and bushier. The sun is really powerful.

I forgot to ask, do you know the sex? I assume she’s a she?


Ya really gotta watch the movement of the sun through the course of the day on a guerilla grow, My Guerilla grows get about 6-7 hrs of direct light per day. Plenty right there. Got mine going Now also.



Also scout light angles throughout the different seasons.

I also misjudged the lighting on an OG Kush. Most of her veg has been in mostly shade. At flower the Sun will start hitting her again, but I’ve lost all that growth potential.

What little buds she throws out should get plenty of light, so I’m still confident in the end result. Just won’t get much from her.


Plant died​:rage: here’s my new new grow box just built :+1:. Three and half feet

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I sealed majority of space so light can’t get out.


Damn man, sorry to hear about your plant. With all the money you’ve spent on materials so far, you could have a tent and Amazon special LED by now… good luck with the new space :v:


I’m very sorry about your plant :slightly_frowning_face: but I know you’re going to do better with your next one! I appreciate your creativity with your grow box and hopefully, it’ll work out great for you :hugs:


Thankyou for the support @MattyBear @SmoknGranny


All finished :+1: all I did was add a bigger door and put up a side added a long sleeve shirt