New spot to guerrilla grow



Looking good, I think I see another set of leaves coming up in the center of her.


@DoomSack I topped her a few days ago and that’s why she has the little rip in the leaf. All the other vegetation surrounded the plastic has grown fast. I didn’t even notice her at first.


How many days has it been since she emerged from the soil? 35 days by my account, am I close?

I normally if topping wait till there is 5-6 nodes. How many nodes were there before you topped a few days ago?

You have to be careful because if you do it too early you can stunt her growth. With auto (she’s an auto if i remember correctly) they are on a limited life span. The more delay the less likely to become significantly larger.



@DoomSack she’s doing quite well thankyou for asking :wink:


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It’s a girl👍


Rain irrigation :+1:



She’s taking off :slightly_smiling_face: good job :clap:t2:


@SmoknGranny I think she may be going into flowering soon.


That’s possible as she’s an auto, correct :thinking:


@SmoknGranny I think she is sour diesel. The reason why she’s going into flower is because she is under trees.


Well that makes sense :grin:


I just had to pinch some of my flowering tops on my SD to force her back into veg.

Just so you are prepared, mine didn’t seem to like the shade last year. This year she is much happier in the sun.



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She’s looking great @soilman837 getting taller!


How much light is she getting there? Plants looks healthy, but she’ll need some good light to produce well.