New spot to guerrilla grow


I can handle the rain but it’s the snow and ice with high winds and blowing cold rain that stops me :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: I’m an OLD lady :older_woman: :rofl:


Hell, I’m a middle aged man and those conditions would keep me inside!!

Funny how we are all suited for different climates and have different weaknesses…


Ain’t that the truth :+1: My first year in Missouri straight from Florida was a bit rough but I adapted. Now my body is screaming for warmth and sunshine :sun_with_face:
My biggest fear is falling outside on the ice and no one discovering my body for days :tired_face:


I moved to a new spot hidden in bushes :+1: No trash just really hidden in trees. I have some spices, to keep the deer out. It’s surrounded by trees.


Awesome. Don’t get lost out there :blush:


Here’s the new spot! Pretty remote dense like a jungle with all the trees. :+1:


i would try knocking those dead snags down so they do not fall on your prized crop… @soilman837


This area does not get a whole lot of visitors. I see about ten a year. It’s really quite and no trash. @BIGE will do.


i would hate for you to get close to finish line then poof!


@BIGE those trees have been there awhile so it might have to stay.


remember murphy’s law!


@BIGE yes I know Murphy’s law! I love physics. I get but is it a bad spot?


no it is a great spot!!
that big tree dying left a hole in the canopy…
just keep vines trimmed down without exposing your secret…


:blush::blush::fist:t5: ya I love it’s my favorite one. The soil is organic so it should be good.


you may get an old rusty piece of weilded wire fence to surround it with.
looks like prime critter country too…lol


I spread the whole bottle of cyan pepper around the area.


Reapply after rain. :+1:


Agree. Once the water washes it away it needs to be applied again. Luckily it’s not expensive.


I make a mean spicy delicious deer repellent :wink::rabbit:


@SmoknGranny how’s your greenhouse going? Have you dug any holes outside yet?