New spot to guerrilla grow


Well said, girl! :wink:


Thanks. Whether we succeed or fail it’s awesome knowing we have each other’s back!


@dbrn32 People say it works. The two 600s would produce 42.85 ounces if it was gram per watt. 1000 watt grams per watt 285.71 ounces.


@dbrn32 i also thinking of your advice is to veg indoors the put it outside. Jorge Cervantes says that once the plants in flower they can do it in 16 hours of sun. I’ve read you can introduce flowering by putting in darkness for 20 hours so the plant will think it’s dieing and then it will go into flower.


I haven’t ever grown outside nor really investigated on how to. But my understanding is that you would just start them indoors like a regular indoor grow. Then plant wherever outdoors after your frost free date.

Benefits there are growing under controlled conditions when you couldn’t really do that outdoors, and you should have a larger plant by the time it naturally flowers.


@MattyBear @dbrn32 @BIGE @SmoknGranny Refurbished house lol


How is plant doing in there?


I was gonna ask the same. Do you have a plant in there, or just testing out the space?


@MattyBear @dbrn32 I just germinated a seed in my growbox and will bring it into the greenhouse in two weeks.


Cool! Hopefully ground temps are high enough that it won’t be an issue.


Ya I made it tighter and added great soil. The snow has stopped for the next few weeks. We’ll be getting into the mid 40s so the temp shouldn’t be an issue. I cleared all the snow. I was only in the for twenty minutes.


@SmoknGranny The soil is pretty damp in there and thawed. I’m going to plant a seed in the tomorrow and lightly water with the cap.


So you are going straight into the ground, right? Our ground temps here are still somewhat low and we still have more rain and snow in the long range forecast. Suppose to see the sun tomorrow :sunglasses: In the meantime, I dropped a few hermied seeds in water and seeing if I can get a few going inside while waiting for better weather. I’m not doing real well with my tomato seeds, but I’m getting a few things tuned in at least :blush:


Just remember that hermie trait will carry on. Try to avoid stressing the ones that you keep…


Yep. But I’m experimenting with germination with those in the hopes of NOT messing up good seeds :blush:. I’m additionally wanting to see how they grow in my woods. I also have seeds from fem white widows that got pregnant by Lord only knows! Lots of ditchweed around here :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: Only good thing about the ditchweed is that it’s camouflage for the good weed … maybe?


I’m not putting it in the ground, I have a growbag.


I’m excited for you! And, of course, looking forward to pics :slightly_smiling_face:


Just made a fence will add some screws. Nothing fancy. Since im growing a pretty expensive strain I would go all out. I’ll be using spices to keep me and the deer out lol. I will also be taking the greenhouse cover off once the plant gets bigger.



Looking good :+1: Just had a long discussion with my friend and she’s wanting me to try some seeds we just got gifted in the woods and in the NE open corner. I’m considering it :blush: but snow/rain pretty much all next week :slightly_frowning_face: