New spot to guerrilla grow


Right now it’s sitting in my basement waiting for me to make a vent window. But it’s similar to @Willd just a bit smaller. I’ll move it outside about mid April. But here it is


Very nice!


I found it on the only site that I could use my CC without having to be international authorized. It’s recommended to add silica so where do I order that from? The good news is that I can try 3 different autos and stayed under my budget for seeds :+1:


You can get horticulture grade silica supplements from just about anywhere. Price and convenience are usually what you wanna look for. I’ve pretty much used botanicare silica blast in the past, I think that’s one of the cheaper my local shop carries is main reason. But I’m pretty sure places like npk industries make a powdered form that you have to mix, advantage to that is small bag goes long way.

I also think I remember you saying that you liked ship to store for local Walmart? They probably have a few options too.


Thanks. I was happy to get a $100 greenhouse for $40 with the reinforced vinyl skin. The only flaw on this make & model is the top rail which is a two piece interlocking 1/4” rod. I’m going to try to reinforce that maybe with zip ties and duct tape.


Sweet! Hopefully that works out. Also, maybe take a look around for general hydroponics armor si. They are usually lower cost, and to best of my knowledge works as well as everything else.


@SmoknGranny that’s an awesome greenhouse! I love it! :+1::+1::fist:t5:


I hope Amazon has that. :crossed_fingers:The local nurseries & farm stores are slowly getting some products in stock. I’m still waiting on the local nursery to open their doors :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:
Don’t they know that us stealth growers in this backward state need stuff :rofl:


Amazon sells a whole boatload of different options for silica supplements. Search silica for plants.

Home Depot I’ve noticed has some stuff too, in store or ship to store could be option too


Sweetie I’m sooo frugal and shop “end of season” clearance sales for bargains. Then I have to wait to use them :blush: But it’s worth it to pay 50 cents or lower to the dollar. :+1:


Online ordering works best for me most of the time. A round trip to either Omaha or Lincoln costs me $15-20 in gas as I only get 14mpg with my Yukon. Just going to local town is $10 which is why I only leave the property once every week to 10 days. But it’s my being so frugal that I’m able to save to Grow :blush:


Amazon good source then. The silica isn’t expensive, so maybe you can lump together with a few other things to get free shipping.


Yep :+1: that’s the plan. Plus you already know that I save up my CC points to use there even if I did get a rinky dink grow light on flash sale and knee jerked before I checked with you :grin: As small as that darn thing is I need sunglasses :dark_sunglasses:


Just doing indoor


Indoor outdoor both have advantages and disadvantages. You just need to figure out what works best for you and your situation :+1:


@dbrn32 @SmoknGranny My indoor seems better :+1::+1: Sour diesel does better indoors and anyways. Just need a back up and we’ll be all set.


@dbrn32 i read something where this person was running there 1000 bulb for 8 hours a day to keep the cost lower.


Possibly, probably at reduced photosynthesis and smaller yields.

I wonder if a 600 at 12 hours would produce more than a 1000 at 8 hours?


@SmoknGranny I’ve decided to stick will guerrilla grow because I’ve put my time and effort into it.


OR you can do both :blush: I’ve been reading here and elsewhere since last July and have come to a few conclusions for us small budget stealth restricted growers beginning with: Evaluate where you CAN grow. I “thought” I might be able to grow indoors but it’s not feasible for my particular situation ranging from bad electrical wiring and lack of “spare” dollars for the equipment, etc. I’m thrilled that I could at least set up a germination area inside.
I’m confident that whatever you decide you (and I) are going to learn & share the good, bad, & the ugly and enjoy the journey together :hugs: