New spot to guerrilla grow


Greetings from the greenhouse hehe :joy: I can’t see my breath. Can’t notice the greenhouse from 150 feet on both sides. @dbrn32 @MattyBear @SmoknGranny


@SmoknGranny Whats up my fellow Rastas :+1::+1: there a person who said that they put their plants under trees to make them go into flower. Not a bad idea :bulb:


I have no idea about that. From what I have read it shouldn’t make a difference with autos outdoor. The photo WW I helped grow last summer were pretty much in full sun surrounded by tall weeds


@SmoknGranny I’ll just follow the guy in that article. He said as long as the plant sees a sun rise and moon rise. So I’ll just block out the door .


We are both learning :blush: I wish I could help you more. Heck, it took me a couple of months of reading before I understood the difference between autos and photos :crazy_face: and I’m still confused about the “right” ways to grow either! You and I just have to figure out what works best for our growing situations and then adapt. Dang it! It shouldn’t be this complicated to grow a weed!


I figured out that all I have to do is just block out the sunrise then it will trick it into flower​:+1: @SmoknGranny thankyou for making this greenhouse happen. :+1::blush::clap:t3:


Sweetie it was all your idea & you are an inspiration for me :hugs:


Oh ha that’s true hehe :blush: You did tell me to use the clear plastic sheet. I would probably still be using Saran Wrap lol


I’m good at making suggestions :rofl: just like any old Granny!


I found a water bottle irrigation on instructables. I’m lazy and this is what was in article that I read and this is what a lot of people do.:+1:


Lots of good stuff on instructables :+1: Whatever I can get started in the woods will have to make it with whatever falls from the sky :slightly_smiling_face:


There is some pretty neat stuff on there. In California people collect rainwater during the wet season with buckets or by making small ponds. There’s a pretty good article in high times about it.


@MattyBear @dbrn32 @SmoknGranny you guys and gals should check out my favorite YouTube grower herbin farmer. His irrigation system is awesome👍


Jorge Cervantes video explains that you can harvest three times from May to September. He said they harvested them at waist height. So pretty much veg for a month then flower. In their case two to the weeks in veg.


Now that’s with the autos right?

I was going to toss some seeds in the woods this afternoon but I got home too late :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: Rain coming in tomorrow so I’m hoping to get there in the morning beforehand.


Nope Just sativas. They darkened the greenhouse.


@SmoknGranny what kind of autoflowers are you growing.


I have some Tangerine Dream, Blueberry & Afghani autos. Then I have some seeds from White Widow Fem from clones which hermied. Autos will be grown in outdoor greenhouse & maybe one Widow. I want to throw the hermied seeds in my woods and see what happens :blush:


That’s cool can you send a pick of the greenhouse.


I just got a bag of tangerine dream from a friend, grew it a few years ago and this is first I seen of it since.