New spot to guerrilla grow


You’re welcome. I think it’s going to be a lot easier for you to work with rather than Saran Wrap & more durable.
Looks like I’m in for a long wet & gloomy week ahead :tired_face: I need more sunshine :sun_with_face:!


Ya it seems it. My friend said that his buddy was using that to grow with and said it was awesome.


This is my 6ft tall by 4.5 ft wide by 5ft long greenhouse. thankyou @SmoknGranny for the better plastic idea. This is so cool. :+1::ok_hand:t5:


lol,that is hardcore @soilman837 !!!
when you have to grow,you have to grow!!


I hope it works out for you :slightly_smiling_face:


Ya I wanted to go big. I got lost trying to find it lol. Ya it’s pretty sweet. I did it in about an hour. I wanted it as tall has me so this is what I came up with. Total 8 sticks, guerrilla tape and plastic sheet came to be about $35. Not bad. It’s hidden enough where even I have trouble getting to. I used sharp branches as stakes. When I was there in the morning I took notice on where the location of the sun. It will should be easy to make it flower. :+1:


How did you anchor it down other than piling snow on it? Looks like you teepeed the outside with twigs/branches :+1:I’m wondering if putting down some black plastic under it would help warm up the soil?


Ya that’s a good idea. I took up the entire space. I moved majority of the snow there so it should be fine. There’s a method where you can just use a black bucket and fill it with water but I haven’t heard of the black sheet idea on the ground. I’ll try it.


Google “Warming your soil in the Spring Stoney acres” It’s a good read :+1:


Ok will do​:+1::wink:


black plastc tends to refelct the warming action of the sun, stones or bucket with water are the trick. if you need to paint it black use the high heat grill paint


Ok cool. Do you have any brand names that you know?


i use rustolium, sometimes you need plastic primer all can be found in any hardware store, if your space is limited try those plastic cereal contianers from grosery store


That’s great idea! I never thought of using those cereal containers!


@dbrn32 @SmoknGranny my buddy is attaching a solar panel outside his window of his bedroom. He is running his lights from it in his 6ft by 6ft by 3ft grow tent. He said he wants to have free weed. He’s using rain water to feed his plants.


How big of solar panel and what’s he using for lights? Every way I look at it I always come to the same conclusion. It’s just too expensive to do properly. The cost of being able to power even 100 watts of lights off grid consistently is pretty expensive. And you can’t do a whole lot with 100 watts of light, even when they’re good.

You should talk him into joining so we can follow along.


Ya I’ll ask. I told him it’s expensive to start and just did it anyways.


I’m with @dbrn32 on this especially the expense. I wish your friend the best of luck though. Is he using an actual grow tent or a greenhouse which lets natural light in?


He’s using a grow tent. I thought this idea was kinda nuts. I’m going to the greenhouse tomorrow and I’m super excited.


Yeah it doesn’t make sense to me for an outdoor grow :crazy_face: not that I have much experience myself :blush: