New spot to guerrilla grow


And heeeeeeeerrrrre’s Gale

we just had a downpour so she’s not looking herself but she’s doing really well considering what she’s been thru. Gale is perched about 12feet high and she pokes her head out the top of the tree if ya lookin. Many disadvantages of tree living, other then access issues which a block and tackle would help, the stretch etc was a pain but she’s a good girl :wink:


Yes she is. I’m going to be a little disappointed when she hits the ground and gets chopped :slightly_frowning_face: I’ve enjoyed “rooting” for her :+1:


If you are planting autos I don’t think you will need to :thinking:


Thankyou I just bought my very first 4 by 4 by 4.5 greenhouse from Amazon arriving Sunday. I’m excited. I’ll be growing sour diesel.


I’ll probably put the greenhouse is the same spot because I’ve already put stuff there. This one should be fine.


I suggest you get some good stakes also. I’m going to use my dog stakes that we used to use for field trials. I originally thought of using some rebar but I’m not able to bend them to hooks.
I set my greenhouse up in the basement and getting ready to add a window for better ventilation


That sounds awesome. I hope it works out for you. :+1::clap:t3:


LOL me too! I hope my plan to cut the hole goes as planned. When it gets sunny next (dark basement) I’m going to mark it for the vent but protect the integrity of the skin.


I probably will just use the flap.


There was someone said that Saran Wrap does work you just have to use a lot.


Just pick up some plastic film in paint department at Walmart :+1:


My ghetto greenhouse. The other one the transaction didn’t go through but this should work lol


Once it get warmer I’m going to make it taller and wider👍This is where I got the idea


I think you’re fighting an uphill battle bud. You’re wrap looks a little thick for light to pass through. And with it being cold enough to have snow covered ground, you’re roots aren’t going to do well regardless.


I’ll be be building a full greenhouse tomorrow


Looking forward to seeing the pics :+1:


@SmoknGranny plastic film is genius​:+1::+1: I’ll be picking up poles there anyways


@SmoknGranny here’s the good stuff


Yep that’ll work :+1: I have my dog runs in garage lined with that to help hold the heat in. Then I moved the last kennel dog to my basement :crazy_face:


@SmoknGranny thankyou for the awesome advice!:+1::+1::fist:t5: