New spot to guerrilla grow


I’m been looking around for great spots in my area and some how found this place


Looks like my place great spot The only thing I can say is easy access to water and your nutrients helps a lot but I love the place


Ya thanks @Hogmaster ya I’ll be doing my water system with rain and there’s plenty of small creeks and I’ll be doing contractor bags. The other place sucked. This is more remote same area different part.


Sounds perfect then


@Hogmaster ya it’s more convenient


This spot is a little bit weird in a way. What happened was two years ago I went to the beginning of the area and found a couple of beer cans and what saw burned trees. So that was two years ago. My spot where the plants are will be are about fifty feet deep into the trees. Well hidden I might have to say even for me. I left some money under a rock ten feet before the entrance of the spot. No one has gotten it so far there’s no trash where I found this area where the plants will be.


Here’s how’s it goes beer cans and burnt trees , then trees then rocks then more trees and then spot


It sounds a lot like trespassing. Not that several of us don’t flirt with or end up on the other side of the law, but you can bet it will be added to charges if you’re caught. If I thought there was a slight chance anyone would find them, I’d find a different spot. Anyone familiar with the smell will know from 50 feet when they’re flowering.


I take it at this point you are just trolling @dbrn32 you hate my outdoor and my indoor


Not at all. I had to go search to know what you were even talking about. There’s too many members here for me to even keep track of people I don’t converse with on a daily basis.

As far as your indoor grow, I think what you’re trying to accomplish is really cool. It just doesn’t produce enough light to run a successful grow. If you were building a flashlight, or something of that nature, I’d think it was really badass.

My comment here comes from reading/watching news. Maybe it’s different wherever you are, but outdoor grows get busted all the time. I can tell that someone in my neighborhood grows, from almost 2 blocks away. I’ve even narrowed it down to one of 3 houses. All it takes is someone that knows what they’re smelling and a slight breeze.

Either way, I’m definitely not trolling. And I’d be happy to not comment on any of your threads if you so wish.


Build up a little row of dirt 3 inches high in a V 10 feet either side of ya babies to funnel that rain runoff and with that much catchment area and all that leaf litter it should feed and water them self efficiently with No interaction or trace of you. Maybe even plant some pyrethrum or the like amongst them for some pest control. Nice spot, top notch ;). Have you thought about where you would harvest or how you would extract the harvest without drawing attention. Police often spot crops with drones and then wait till harvest time to bust you when its harvest time. Give it some thought and good luck thumbs up!


I Looked at your location again. If I were you I would dig out on the high side of that fallen log for the girls, perfect catchment and a bit of protection when they’re little.


@dbrn32 Using batteries to store electricity takes a load of the grid High times article my 20000 mah store power five days the leds will be on the supply for outdoor my buddy has nine years in outdoor growing and same with two more people have a buddy who grows ten foot trees semi legal settings


I don’t want to be combative, but it takes way more energy to create and charge batteries than I does to match their output from the grid. Even more so to dispose of said batteries. But that’s not even really the point. You can grow from batteries all you want, I don’t personally care. You’re just struggling because you don’t have enough light is what I’ve been trying to tell you. If you had enough batteries and leds to run w successful grow, it would be outlandishly expensive and less efficient than just using wall power. You understand that battery chargers consume power and even batteries themselves don’t put as much energy as they store, correct?

I think it’s great that you have friends with large outdoor grows, but I don’t understand why they would let you continue to go down the same road is all? Two technical degrees and 20 years experience in energy and industrial electrical field tell me that half the money you’ve spent on gimmicks and batteries would have you one kick ass grow light. All I was ever trying to do was help you avoid donating funds to unsuccessful projects.

Peace my friend


@dbrn32 well put just bought this


8 watt led USB grow light


Bad light gets too hot


@dbrn32 the grow spot is about 120 feet away my math was a tad bit off and there’s no signs that say you can’t go there. It looks to me that some young punks were goofing around and were drunk. There’s no houses near by, it’s on a trail.


@Powaforce ya you were saying about helicopters and since there’s trees that surround this area they would have to be fly well over the trees and an added bonus the space is under a flight path. This spot is about 75 feet behind from the beer cans that are two years old. Total distance from walking trail is 100 feet. You can’t stubble apon this grow.


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