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Nah it was just a defect in the tank, the seem leaked when the water filled up to it. Was either plug the leak or lower the float

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now that’s annoying, yeah that’s shite…:pensive:

Nice! How do you like the Doob Tubes?

sheite Happens

Few hours on the couch watching movies with no cares in the world…

These are the best things ever!

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Ppms sitting at 580, just upped nutrients to actual gh recommended levels.

Ph 6.5

I effed up and didn’t ph nutrients, got in a rush to leave and added nutrients and water to reservoir without ph’n it first…ROOK!!!

somehow ph’d up at 5.8 and went to work and came home to almost perfect at 6.2

Added 2 more tsp of ph up and got it to 6.5 and some change. Only sat theres for 8-10 hours… think the advanced nutrients are dragged ph down a bit, and I gotta do a better job at doing things correctly in the grow.

The girls are jumping like beanstalks tho and soon will have more to play with…

Grease monkey is germinating now fingers crossed. Well have 4 of those and then a 4 of another yet to decide on in fabric planters that are waiting for sprouts to be transferred…was supposed to be orange zkittlez but more then likely two agent orange and two zkittlez.

Then we can do some fun stuff


Isnt hydro ph more 5.6-6.2?

The proper ph range for hydro is 5.5 - 6.5 with 5.8 being optimal. I run 6,0-6.2 during veg and 5.6-5.7 during flower

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Optimal for hydro or for plants to take up nutrients



6.5 being pretty much optimal for less deficiancy


Ok so good morning and welcome to the weekly update…

Lots happening! We’ve added 4 grease monkey fem sprouts to the incubation chamber and they should be showing first leaves any day now.

Started germinating 5 agent orange reg last night. We only really need pollen from these plants so fingers crossed for a male.

The grease monkey will take an existing 4x4 tent when they are ready, usually around a week old and roots are long enough to touch the base of the 6” net pots without hydroton.

The agent orange will each have a 7 gal fabric pot with soil, I already made some 3 stage fox farm soil warrior- frog- forest

Should only have to water them until flower/banana. Once I get confirmation of sex I’ll separate the males and grow them until I can collect their pollen.

The girls are a little over 3 weeks old and still doing fantastic. Last night they got a trim of some of the bigger fan leaves holding back lower branches. This will allow those branches to (for the lack of a better word) branch out and be bushes


Front right … super runt. Front left I did nothing to I need it to grow a little before a mild defoliating. It’s the back ones that I took 11 fan leaves from last night to expose the branches. Both are filling up the empty space quickly


And here we have grease monkey, sprouted up this morning.

Don’t mind the water everywhere… I had to remove a watermelon vine from this setup before I could use it



Ok tomorrow is going to be a busy day with lots to do an no time to do it, so long story short I’ll post the weekly update.

Girls going strong and of course again doubled in size as expected. I’ll need to defoliate a little to allow branches to fill the open space around the buckets.

We have a small issue with gnats in the upstairs area so we released a few lady bugs.

Seedlings are coming a long nicely and will soon be transplanted over to soil / hydroton depending on their type

Agent orange reg - soil
Grease monkey - hydroton

Fought ph all week to keep it in a decent range, keeps dropping out on me as the girls drink lots of water and aren’t using many nutrients. Topping water while keeping it phd.

Nutrients ppm - 650-700
Ph - 6.2
Co2 ppm- 1400


A top down view of the ladies


Happy ladies. Healthy leaves. Looking good Bobby


Thanks purp! Labor of love

Between week 4- week 5 defoliation. And I have the day off so why not :grin:

image image