New space new journal

Ok so system has been relocated to a new space. Moving and reorganizing is always fun.

So what we have below 3 4x4 spaces

2 with 2 260w hlgs 1 1200w (210-225w true) king led

1 with 1 260w hlg , 1 1200w king led

1 2x2x4 clone area with 2 4’ light bar running about 90w

Saved a mother gorilla zkittlez and have 5 chem dawg from seeds getting mature enough to go in the system (one not I picture still getting roots)


That is going to be a serious crop of girls. So
Jealous that I can’t have that much grow space.


I stagger the grow so i harvest every month

1 month propagation area

3 months in a 4x4 area.

That way they rotate and I have a steady stream of product


You are lucky. I just don’t have that kind of space or I would add a 2nd tent. This house is only about 1k sq foot. But I will start it where the seeds I select will have a similar flower cycle.

I got rid of a child so I was gifted additional space :laughing:


Be careful as to what you say, they are known to show back up on your doorstep.


Nice set up. I’ve got my first GZ growing now. Wondering how they grow and such. Any tips or tricks appreciated.
Blessings on ur grow. :+1::v:


looking good mate. cant wait. :smile:

@Oldguy they grow like a weed :smile:

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Ha. Ha.
Shoulda figured that. :grin:

Sorry I’ll try to remember Saturday’s are weekly updates not sundays my fault.

So pretty uneventful week for the seedlings…except me almost killing 2 from being impatient… they’ll survive killing the beginning root and they’ve joined their sisters in the aerogarden incubation chamber again.

Mother (gorilla zkittlez) has given 4 clones which are happily resting beside her.

Adding a 50 gallon water tank to the room just waiting on the devil to deliver the parts.

Installed an ro system for the water and will have to start ph’n it from now on. Our well is high in nitrogen so to reduce that during flower I’ll have to strip it from the water then ph down since it’s making it acidic.

Here’s some snap shots and hope everyone else had a great week! Much love


10 days and counting for the seedlings

7 days for the clones or a few less, I’ll know when I see roots they’re about 2 weeks old :grin:

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Set in 6” net pots just above the drip rings in hydroton. I’ll keep the neck braces on just Incase I have them whip lash during transplant.

Gh trio at 1/3 of recommended dose.
Ph 6.3
Water temps 70
Air temps 73
18/6 lighting schedule


wow everything looks very organised. :grinning:

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Thank you @kettle , my wife calls it the breaking bad room

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mine is over carpet so its more twin peaks, dexter style…wrapped in plastic…:grin:


@blackthumbbetty hey do you mind posting your tootsie roll recipe for me here?

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@blackthumbbetty thank you!!! We’re making sludge and need your tootsie rolls

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@blackthumbbetty finally got around to making some sludge now time for a BTBC Recipe


On another note the girls are still alive, ppm 490-510 depending which tester I use. Ph holding steady. Water temps have risen 3 degrees in 2 weeks so I’ll put a few frozen bottles of water in the reservoir .

Added a water barrel to hold the RO water since these systems don’t produce a quick product I’d rather have a holding tank to pull from.