New setup 2nd grow


A few pictures to start off.

Both were germinated in jiffy pots. 300w LED in a 2x4x5 room. Tap water or distilled with no nutes yet. Taller one (14”) is in a worm casting soil and babies are now in coco with perlite layered. Taller one has sprung up 4” last 2 days. Currently 4 1/2” from light and may have to separate as everything else in this room much smaller. Starting to think outside may be a good move with this plant. Please feel free to chime in @FloridaSon @Sasquatch @Fl.growr


I’m not an indoor guy, but that sounds awful close for LED lights. @Budbrother knows indoor.

Naturally my opinion would be to transition outside, but I love it under the Sun…


Are they males or is it just cause of the pic making them look like they are


I’m with you on this one… seems a bit close


@FloridaSon I more than agree, should be 20”. I have an excellent place for this one, I’m going to work the ground over tomorrow to see what I can make happen.


Your light at 4 1/2 inches does seem too close . Maybe you could try and get a better picture for us . Try taking one without the LED on . It will show the true color of the leaves .


@Newb1 these are skunk that are feminized. Maybe the angle of the picture but I’ll be sure to update when they show sign.


@Seeddog hardly any leaves on it to see, it just grew vertically in the last couple of days. I will get more pictures in the morning.


As I take a closer look I think i see pollen sacks man


yep them be nads for sure


Thats a male for sure !


Are you sure the first pic is a cannabis seedling
Looks like a pepper seedling


Yeah, sure it is! Skunk if I remember correctly…


Wild looking seedling
Right on
Bummer about the male plant it looks healthy though


Moved to the backyard far away from any others. I want to see how it turns out I guess.


It’s a male. Will pollinate any females from over a mile away.


This plant was destroyed over the weekend and we are ready for grow 3. Updates to follow.