New set up, am i missing anything?

ok, finally finished the 3x3 , ill be running a 600 watt hps with inline fan for cooling. had to cut a few corners i ended up with black gold coco mix potting soil. i do have some calmag, bloom city wild salmon liquid, compost tea pucks"wormcastingsmix". and an organic bloom booster/hardener i have a plain old box fan for now til i can get small oscillating fans for the air movement … is there anything im missing and also what should or could i do preemptively for pest controll ? try to stay as organic as i can but ive pretty much blown thru and over budget getting started. on a lighter note i popped 4 gg autos in there last night so i guess im off and runnin :slight_smile:


You can get some diotamaceous earth for fungus gnats and other creepy crawlers. I’m considering getting some Capt Jack’s dead bug myself and spraying preventively but I’m not sure if this is a good idea. Maybe someone else will comment on that here!

I don’t see any mention of air filtration to get rid of the good stink, unless that’s not an issue where you’re at?

nah smells no problem except for maybe the others in my home but im legit and we live way out in the boonies so smell isnt really a concern to me not yet anyhow . i can get a filter later if need be right now i just want to make sure i keep things gren and healthy

Sounds like you’re good to go then! And yeah, start up costs do seem to balloon don’t they!

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ohhh yeah . and its pretty basic. i basically built a closet from scrap wood cus it was available and i couldn’t get a tent .im just wondering if 4 of ilgms gorilla glue autos is too much for the space

What size pots will you be in? If you are in 5g pots, 4 plant may be too big for the space. However, I am new and not 100%.

Get a decent, good quality Hygrometer Thermometer, you only have to buy a good one once.
BEWARE of CHEAPO MODELS as they will lead you up the creek.
I wish you sucess with your grow :partying_face:

You have any recommendations that won’t break the bank. I’ve been using one that came with a 50 dollar Amazon led…what are the odds that thing works? Lol.

5 gallon buckets this run tonsa drainage holes everywhere and when i start more in about 40 days ill be using all 5 gallon cloth pots. i know buckets are not ideal its just what i had to work with for this first run i was impatient and wanted to get them started

I have 3 and the only one I have faith in is built into my dehumidifier…checkout your local growshop and discuss with them…

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