New seeds popping up

Ok so now I have changed soils and have a couple seeds popping up. I have the seeds in 4" peat pots with seedling mix and in the pop up peat pellets. I know have FF Happy Frog and FF Ocean Forest. I have vermiculite and perlite.

I woud have gone to just a regular potting soil as before because I had it but now ready to try a better soil.

With what I have now, what would the next best soil to put the seedlings in. The 4" peat pots with seedling mix will go into the final 5 gal size and the little pop up peat pellets will first go into a 4" peat pot then into the final 5 gal size pots.

So should I mix all I have as a final soil or what would be best? I will use Cal Mag for the filtered water and be fertilizing with the FF trio and use FF Sledgehammer flush as on their schedule.

Rap, You going to post any photos anywhere or have you? Good luck with your grow!

Once your seedlings gets a couple full sets of Leafs you can move them to your 5-gallon pots. You can use the fox farm Happy Frog. Or If you wish you can use to Ocean Forest if you use ocean Forest do not use no nutes for the first 4 weeks just pH water. Good luck

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I got 5 out of 6 Maui x LSD(hermed) popped up. :grinning: Not one of the BBK - Cal Dream or Blue Dream popped :frowning_face: I am working with ILGM on the last seed batch.

So I guess in about 4 more weeks or when they are big enough to top I will top/clone each one and as soon as the clones root I will 12/12 the main plants to see if I have a female and then go from there.

@kw_Bat these are the seedlings

Here is the 5 Maui x lsd

here are the clones

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