New seeds not breaking the soil

Germinated and then planted all 5 of my Blueberry Auto Flowers Tuesday at about 2 PM. They were planted in loose soil with the correct ratio of natural fertilizer a 1/2 inch deep. They have been under the grow light 18/6 with the soil being kept damp when needed. I have yet to see anything sprouting through the surface. This is my first time using Autoflowers from here and I wasn’t sure how to get in contact with support. What steps should I take next?


Its only been 2 days give it a couple few more. Usually about 4 or 5 days depending on conditions
Be patient. They will.come as long as u dont over water what medium u using.


I just had 15 plants “break the surface” and the earliest, 4 at the same time, took about 27 hours.

The longest took about 4 1/2 days…

A moisture control potting mix and dr. Earth organic bud and bloom, and yeah I’m just keeping it damp when needed. Appreciate the feedback

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I prefer to put soaked seeds tween paper towel and keep moist. Usually, after two days…a 1/4" tap root has grown. Sometimes I let it get a little longer then move to rapid rooter plugs. 1/2" is a little too deep. I position the seedlings head even with the surface. plugs can be soaked in root hormone to speed up roots.

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All 15 of my seeds were planted 1/2” down and I tried to get the pointy end up but think I may have missed one since I had one “helmet head.”

Patience, patience, patience, just as @Mark0427 says, it’s the best advice to give a new grower, r any grower. Just hard as hell to follow. What kind of lights u using, n how far r they from the girls? :thinking::thinking::alien:

“helmet head” nice, they did an extensive test on how cannabis seeds fall naturally and found that helmet head/ stewie griffin style is the most appropriate way to germinate cannabis seeds if your goal is to mimic nature. in my own opinion i think seed gonna do what seed gonna do

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With time you will be comfortable on germinating

They have been in a wet paper towel for over a full week

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I’ve never had one successfully pop and grow that takes longer than a week after soak to pop. I don’t know what environment you have it in but placing the paper towel on top of a cable box for warmth speeds things up. Last batch I put on top of my blurple. Popped very fast but the towel did dry out once. Might go back to the cable box :yum:

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I have it in a dark cabinet and my house is at 72 degrees Fahrenheit

I wet the paper towel in the morning then before bed

Try turning your cable box on, stick the paper towel in a mason jar lid, stick it on the vent on top of the box. 72 kinda cool but still should have popped in a weeks time. The heat not necessary just speeds things up.

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Ok thank you

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Might be a lil to cold too hot ,not sure

Ok but I started 3 of each seed and 6 out of the 9 spouted. 3 of the seeds just didn’t sprout.

If a badge is bad it would probably will be all seed that won’t germinate , can always tal to them if you know you have a good hand and they are not cracking

all i read was “turn on the cable box” and i had to see where this was going lol! OP did they ever pop or dead batch??..its easy to forget seeds are a living organism they have a lifespan also proper conditions are the decider , too warm conditions they not gonna survive long at all. I keep mine in a locked med case in my fridge.

I read all the info above and good advice. I generally do a soak for 24 to 48 hours to rehydrate a seed, but I add a tsp of hydrogen peroxide to sterile the seed from anything that may have been on my hands and also break down the membrane covering. Then plant in soil I prefer a dome then water withh a spray bottle twice a day. 90 percent success with ilgm