New seeds coming!


Hi guys, I have some Northern Lights feminized coming, anyone have any experience with this strain?


Yes. Very resilient lol. I messed the lighting schedule up a couple times, no nutrients and still came out with a smokeable bud or two. I think had I known more it would’ve been an amazing smoke. Very hardy. Hope this helps. Also loved the pepper smell it had


I’m growing three plants of this currently.

Aggressive in their growth with one being ahead of the others.

I’m 4.5 weeks into veg.

So far so good.:slightly_smiling_face::+1:

Here’s link to my grow journal if you want to take a look.


I’m in week 2 of flower with 1 northern lights. She’s been very easy to grow and haven’t had any issues so far. She’s in a scrog and probably has about 30 bud sites. I’m getting excited for the results! I hope you experience the same success I have!:v:


I just harvested 2 NL fems. They were definitely the best of the bunch both in size and ease of growing.

Good luck with yours! You will be happy :slight_smile:


Hey! Where have you been, lady? Missed you!


Been on a road trip @Myfriendis410 nearly coast to coast and back! Hah.

I am back now and ready for all your abuse :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Hey, I need to get son in touch with you about your bubble hash method. (pretty sure it was you who offered to talk to him about it, of course, alzheimers so could be wrong and it was someone else)


It was me. Easy peas lol. GLAD YOU’RE HOME!