New seedlings water how much

Seedlings about 2 weeks old now been misting with water in morning lights off for 12 hours.
Then spray misting before lights on for 12 hours.
White widow auto flowering, running 12/12 on off lights, using Aquafina bottle water , ph is perfect for plants. New my first time. 78-80 degrees in tent ,humidity about 44-50 percent depending on lights off or on.
They seem fine just don’t wanna over or under water them???
There also in there permanent pots.


Welcome aboard. Are you misting the leafs?

At that stage you wanna water them in circle in the spil. Make sure notnto over water it.

Are they autos?


I give my seedlings about 2 cups of water every 3 or 4 days. I water in a circle around the outside of the pot.


Why the heck are you doing 12/12 with an auto seedling i reccomend 20/4 and some do 24/0 until flower time and if thats soil or peat moss every 3-4 days full saturation is good. You should switch to tap water left out to dechlorinate or youll be going through about 30+$ per month per plant on water. Oh and get a humidifer. Lastly learn dli/ the photone app for optimized light


Keep them covered with a clear dome and mist the inside. Seedlings require very little water, a shot glass is enough and daily in coco and every other day for soil. @GreenSnek suggested on the PHOTONE App and DLI :love_you_gesture:


Little heavy on the water, but spread out nicely. My seedlings use 3 oz water, 3x weekly.


Yea autos and misting the leaves and soil all around, they look healthy

No matter what, try and remember that water and love are not the same. Your seedling needs lots and lots of love, but very little water till after the first week or two

Once the leaves touch the dome, they are pulled. With Texas RH% and heat, I sometimes need to mist
3 times a day. Its a special heat wave this year like in June 2019 was.

A small seedling should need 5 to 10 mg of water.

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