New seedlings STILL stretching even with T5 lights 4 inches away

So I don’t know what else to do guys. A week ago I made a post about my 2 week old seedlings having burned leaves and not growing fast enough. I gave up on them and started a new batch. I took some ones advice and bought some 6500k T5 lights and hung them 4 inches above my seedlings. The new batch of seedlings hatched but now they’re STILL stretching. What am I doing wrong? it makes no sense to me other than the T5 lights not being strong enough. Please… someone help me out. Here are pictures of them. I planted these seedlings on 3/21/21

image0 image1 image2 image3

Here are the amazon T5 lights I bought:

Those are leds, marketed to be t5 replacement. For example a 4’ t5ho has photometric flux around 5000 lumens. Your lights are listed as 2200 lumens, or about half of what the t5ho that is typically used for horticulture applications.

They should work though. How many of them are you using?

I am using 2 of them. both about 5 inches apart from each other and 4 inches directly above the seedlings. In my pictures you can see the bright LEDs are already super close. I don’t understand why this is still happening

Your lights may seem bright, but aren’t very strong by horticulture lighting standards. Beyond that, plants in center don’t seem to be as leggy. I would maybe try using more of the fixtures.

Thanks @dbrn32. Can you recommend me a good T5 light? I’m sick of wasting money on seeds haha

These will probably be fine. You’re going to transplant out of the cups right? When you do that, just plant a little deeper and bury some of the stem.

You got a 6 pack of these lights too, correct? Try using 4 of them and see how that goes.

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@dbrn32 Happy Friday, I have a similar issue, but I am using normal t5 cfl. Im starting a phone hunt so I have dozens in a single dome, using the triangular plugs. This was the only option as I only have 1 cfl and couldn’t do solo cups or anything else due to lighting. Anyway, nearly 100% hit rate and now these guys/gals are starting to stretch too.

If you recall I was asking about the HLG 100, and curious if you think I can get them out of the plug tray, into solos, and into a tent with that hlg running? HLG said 24-36 inches for seedilngs/clones, but not sure if that presumes more developed seedlings, they just soaked Saturday and growing fast.

I think its the PAR output that matters, not the height of the light, correct? At least on the LED. I just want to make sure going 36 inches won’t cause stretch, and I don’t want to hang 18 inches and burn the seedlings. Thanks @dbrn32 as always for lighting guidance!

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How much area does this take up?

3x3. But just till 4x8 frees up then under the sun/650rs :+1::v:

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Hlg-100 would do that, I would probably get 4000k. 2’ give or take should be pretty good starting point. You can always raise or lower aa you see fit.

Perfect I got the 4K for pure veg spectrum (at least that’s what I think you’re referring to).

Lowering would be due to visible stretch, would I be looking for a yellowing of the leafs if it’s too low?

Thanks as always and sorry to hijack OP

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Hard to say yellowing with rooting clones. They will usually show some objection even things are well, just because they aren’t that efficient while developing roots. Watch for leaves to twist, stand straight up, or attempt to shade themselves. Thst is usually earliest sign of light being too close.

Sorry these are seedlings.

I’m short on time today to get all these into solos. Could the dome just go under the hlg for now?

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Sure if you want

You got ur self some nice shop lights there. Need to get horticulture cfl, they should b plainly labeled. Ur stretching doesn’t look awful, nothing I haven’t seen myself. I notice u still got some room n them cups, fill’em up. Get ur self some T5’s, or T8’s for horticulture purposes, hang’em where u gots ur flo’s now, if u got to give’em a little support so b it. I wish u nothing but good luck, may they grow strong n prosper.:+1::+1::v::v::alien: