New seedlings problem

Can anyone tell me what is wrong with them? I guess i did overwatering at the beginning. It is in soil, after that i did re-planting them to a bigger pot with coco soil. Roots are big and growing, but what about the leaf? It’s about 3 weeks from seed.

One thing I can tell you is that plants dont like clear containers. Light kills roots.


They need to be in a bigger container that isn’t transparent and has good drainage. Suggest slow rolling your watering regimen.


I know that, i just re-planted it yesterday to the bigger pot and it’s covered.

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Still overwatered. That’s a lot of condensation in the root zone. Can’t tell, in that bottom pic, if it’s something in the soil or rotted roots.


What is in the new pot for drainage?

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Welcome ! People grow in plastic pots and cans all the time. But when you repot the next time if you do. I would consider looking at fiber cloth pots. Good luck.

Im not growing in plastic. Just didn’t had a bigger pot that day for transplantation, they are in that plastic pot just one day. Will move everything soon to another place.

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The white wilted lower leaves indicate root rot more than likely caused by overwatering. While some say clear plastic is not good for roots I dont agree, I grew lots of healthy plants in clear plastic beer glasses. If it seems that it causes an issue? Wrap them in paper and tape it. Do not use a container that is shaped like a coke bottle as the hourglass shape will make removal a bitch. The small drain holes are not adequate. Trick… take plastic cup and use a bic lighter to quickly melt drain holes in the bottom. When you put your medium in the cup, press it in firmly you want it to be like a plug.
Do not fertilize or use fertilized starter soil. Water the containers before you plant and let them drain out overnight. Make a depression about 3/8 - 1/2 inch deep and plop the seed in there. Do not water again for at least a week after the seedling has popped up and only water a few ml at a time when needed!

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I would have to agree with all above root bound, overwatered, clear container etc. :v:

Can i still save those plantes, or just get rid of them? The roots are growing very quickly, but the leafs are still dead…

Transplant to a bigger pot that isn’t clear. Make sure you add perlite to the soil to make it airy and good drainage. I would hold off on watering until you see the plant perk up a little and even then, don’t water. When you lift the container and it feels light (dry), water lightly again and not to runoff.

Good luck! She’ll bounce back! Oh and def prune the dead leaves!

edit: of which I only see the pair of single finger leaves to be trimmed. leave the rest