New seedlings light question

I’m getting ready to do my first grow…I have searched high and low for an answer …Once I sprout my seeds and place them in soul at what point do you put them under the lights ?How close and how high do you set the dimmer?

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Once the seed is germinated and you plant it, you should put the light on and leave it on 24/7 until they all break the surface. They’ll be looking for it as they come up.
Regarding power and distance it depends on the strength of your light. What grow light are you using?


RBY 2500 SAMSUNG LM 301 B MeanWell Driver
In a 48x48x80 tent…There’s two lights in it…

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DLI helps me a ton. Easier than going off height to me. Download photone app. I use this as a guideline. Let your girls tell you what they want. Hope this helps like it has helped me!! if you have an iPhone it’s going to require you to use a notebook piece of paper as a diffuser and you lay that over your front facing camera and put your phone even with the canopy of your plant and that’ll get your reading. Make sure you have your light schedule. Sit on there either 18,20 or 24 to get the proper DLI.

A hood rule of thumb is to keep them under ‘alot’ seeker light for the first two weeks once they break ground.

I chose to go directly to soil this round. Only utilizing our 1000 watt.with the light in a fixed position I’m able to set the little seedling in different locations of the rooms. This helping with the intensity of light.

I first set a weed cloth over the top of the domes to damper a good portion of light. After a day or two I take the cloth off and start moving the trays around.

Once the little break ground I will keep the dome in for about two-ish weeks. Than same concept with alittle less light at first.

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LUX 2022 picture works for clones. has charts available under resources.
each light and grow condition is different.
DLI for seedlings information is mathmatically computed and same for everybody but differemt for all growing conditions and stages. Like CPI from the Govt.Ever changes.

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