New seed starting setup! Get ready!

Getting everything in the new tent… super excited!

Tent is 2x4x5, perfect for sitting on the table, I’m getting old and I’m sick of bending over.

Starting inside, then out into the garden and
in 10 gal fabric grow bags.

In Zone 6a…so patience… must not start too early, been there done that… this year seeds get germinated on saint patricks day… good luck everyone.


Great idea! 1 of my tents is a shortie. May have to get her a table to sit on. :thinking:

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well done, those 2x4x5 is a back breaker

First 12 seeds are soaking today!

Once they germinate they go in to red solo cups, the n the next 12 are getting started…

Looking forward to the season since last September…lets go!

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