New seed order no shipping

Just wondering if anyone else has experienced this and how I should handle the situation.
Placed a order for Patriot mix pack they were running a special on. Order November 12th on credit card, payment clear on November 14th. Today is November 20th and still no shipment email.
When I contacted customer support all I get is my order is being processed with no reason. Given for the delay in shipping. This is only my second order.

I ordered the same @Bjw on the 11th. I ordered two of the new strains a few days later and those shipped whereas my Patriot mix pack hasn’t. I emailed support and they said they are still working on my order.

I think they are just backlogged. It is a lot of seeds and I’m sure many people took advantage of that sale. I wouldn’t worry :sunglasses:


I never got a confirmation email about being shipped. They just showed up 7days later :+1:

Was this order you got the Patriot mix pack that went on sale Patriots day weekend? I think that’s the specific concern. I’m surprised you didn’t get an email confirmation though. I logged into my account and they still show unfulfilled so I know move haven’t shipped yet. Like I said I’m not worried they will ship when they are ready.

Yes I think they just sold more then anticipated and a little back log.


@Bjw You can now logon to the seedbank and see the status of you order

And I bet you guys are right, they are just a little backlogged!


It just says processing. I will just be patient. Figured it was a good sale and lots of ppl took advantage.

Don’t worry Bjw, I worried and sent an email with the same response and received my seeds. They do say after 25 days to let them know if you haven’t received.

Any update @Bjw @Tylan

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Nope still just saying processing. I’m not stressing about it.

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Yes actually mine was shipped this morning @bob31 . Missed the email this made me go check. @Bjw yours should be shipping soon!