New seed day! Time to start the winter grow

Not happy to hear it was AC Infinity :frowning: Hopefully they get the issue fixed. I get it though things happen. They definitely have great customer service. I have an AC Infinity S4 in my 2x2 tent. Works great, not loud, light weight. Love it!

Mines the S6 or T6 I forget which - it’s the one that comes with a controller.

When I first set it up I had the controller mounted on the wall next to the digital ballast for my 1000w and I was getting all these really way off readings like 155* or 4* or crazy stuff and wacky way off humidity readings too. They sent me a new controller and sensor no charge. Long story short I wound up moving the controller to the other side of the room and it works fine. It was Electromagnetic (EM) interference from the ballast that was causing it to give strange readings.


17 days of flower

Really filling in. I can hardly believe it’s not even 3 weeks uet

I am continuing to try and follow the coast of Maine feeding schedule for Stonington Blend as closely as I can.

The sour diesel and silver haze are basically on cruise control and doing great. The Maui Is hungry. It’s been chewing through nitrogen way faster than the other plants so I’ve been supplementing with Neptunes harvest liquid fish/kelp fertilizer - 1/8c per gallon, 1 gallon per feeding.

Also have been continuing to feed roots Organics Trinity which is basically molasses, kelp, and humics. Plants seem to love it.

In other news the seedlings and clones are all doing great in more Stonington blend. I’m only keeping three of them and giving the rest away to friends and family. It’s going to be another month before I can put these plants outside so given the amount of extra time I have on my hands I’m likely going to top these plants

Maui is so hungry that I’ve been having to give it supplements of fish fertilizer for some nitrogen boost. At some point I gave it a little too much and it puked a bunch of it out all over the floor of my tent and was really stinking to high heaven. Today I pulled all the plants out, hosed out the floor liner and did a little bit of staking To keep everybody green side up.

Also time for some glamour shots. I’m happy with where we’re at for just week three of flower (22 days).

Here’s Super Silver Haze

Maui Wowie getting her lean on (now heavily staked)

The other SSH

and the Sour Diesel twins

Tomorrow or Monday I’ll top dress for the second time with earthworm castings and Roots Organics Uprising Bloom.

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So there was a big boo boo as well last night. Someone got really baked and forgot to zip the tent up overnight during lights off and left the overhead light in the grow room on all night.

Hopefully since it’s just a one time screw up it won’t affect things too badly but damn that was not good.

Continuing the discussion from New seed day! Time to start the winter grow:

Dropping this here - Roots Organics feeding schedule

I’m just in love with how everything looks in the tent right now. I tried out a new image processing thinger to make the pics look more real even though its blazing away under 1000k of Double Ended HPS goodness.

Heres Silver Haze

Sour D


Sour D

Silver Haze

This being the start of week 3 and as per Coast Of Maine I top dressed with Earthworm castings and since i continue to be unable to get Fish Bone Meal did another application of Roots Organics Uprising Bloom. Roots Organic says to apply that Uprising Bloom bi-weekly - Coast of Maine says to do the Fish Bone Meal every 3 weeks in flower…I’ll probably go with Roots Organics on this one and feed again in two weeks.

This ssoil is great and organic is def the way to go.

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I’m really happy for 6 weeks what they look like.I def lst too early and ended up with the whole stem laying 90degrees.LSTMainline?lol

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Looking good. I agree, organic dirt is the way for me. Nothing tastes better.

Noob alert

I’m assuming that when you say organic, the FF line does not qualify in that category, right?

I’m new to this so I don’t know, but now I’m curious.

What soil are you using and does it require a lot of added nutes? I have one bag of Ffof but I ain’t married to it yet

Some of the FF like Tiger Bloom is organic and you can tell which products are organic because they carry an OMRI certified logo on the label. The other of the big three are not - Big Bloom and Grow Big. Actually tiger bloom might be the only organic certified product in the line for all I know.

I’ve been using Coast of Maine organic soil blends for a number of years now when I’m not trying my hand at mixing my own. They’re better at it than I am, just more expensive. This is my first grow with the Stonington Blend. I’ve used the Blend in the pink bag from them mostly and find it good but needs supplemental fertilizer quickly and in abundance. I usually amend it with compost and earth worm castings and Pro Gro.

The Stonington Blend I’m just using as is right out of the bag and top dressing as indicated by their schedule. So basically nothing until the last week of veg and then just top dressing with EWC and Fish Bone Meal. If you look back over my journal you’ll see my Maui is a heavy feeder and I’ve given it a little extra liquid courage in the form of fish fertilizer to keep the N up.

I feed a molasses/kelp booster every other week or so to keep the microbeasts fed and happy. CoM isn’t recommending it in their schedule but it’s good to give your microherd some carbs. I currently use Roots Organics Trinity for that but might just start making it my damn self with a bottle of molasses and some kelp.

I had a bad experience with happy frog a few years ago - it was contaminated with grass seed. Really sucked dealing with that. Obv that was a fluke but I’ve never gone back to try again.
I’ve never foxed with the FFOF but I see plenty of people having good results. Most say it’s on the hot side.