New seed day! Time to start the winter grow

Everyone looking perky and happy after last nights bondage session. A little light training and a drink of water (or White Russian if you’re human) and everyone is looking good.


Tagging @Deez along my growmie little late but I made it. If u don’t mind.

@kellydans small 3 gal shop work well into bloom

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Looking good, love the way you got them spread out.
Nice plants good luck

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Thanks man. These rubberized poseable ties really make it easy to put the branches right where you want them.

Getting this close to flower I’m trying to decide if I should stick with my usual program of fox farms Open Sesame / Beastie Blooms / Cha Ching or try just top dressing with some high P guano or phosphate.

@RoMaNGroWN come on in. We’re just vegging out for now but the party’s gonna start sometime between Christmas and New Years


Yeah I’m not a net person I like the freedom of being able to take my plants in and out of the tent when and if I need to. I use a similar method to spread my plants out for better light penetration.

I’m fairly new with LST to tell the truth - I’ve always been topping/FIMing but the way she just keeps growing with no stop with LST is great.

I can’t wait to do some outdoors this summer.

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Here’s a looky this at weeks progress

Plan is to veg for another week at least and see how everything’s looking the weekend following Christmas. Maybe flip the lights next weekend - if not then probably the following. All four plants are mature and growing alternating nodes. It’s just a matter of time


Here’s a happy little Maui wowie

And here’s a funny result of one of The super silver haze that I topped. Got the split that I expected but that growing tip doesn’t wanna quit!


Another week another update. I zipped up the tent and flipped the lights tonight. I need to try and remember to swap the bulb To the HPS just before lights on tomorrow.

This past week the plants looked pretty mediocre. New growth was thin and just didn’t look amazing. Some leaves were curling here and there and just everyone giving a less than 100% vibe. I decided to dry the pots out real good and went 5 days with no water til I just started seeing a little droop and then started back watering. Seems to have been the right move. I fed a first shot of FF Open sesame all around yesterday and cleaned off the undergrowth and unwanted shoots.

I fired up my new aerocloner and put the better cuts in there to root for the next go round.

Not much new this week - 8 days into 12/12.

Early last week I tried giving them a shot of Open Sesame. Big mistake. I used it at the usual strength that I have in the past and I burnt the Silver Hazes a bit - the one on the back left a little more than the back right. Not too bad but shoulda just left it alone. I had misgivings about using the Open Sesame/Beastie Bloom/ChaChing with my organic soil and it’s happy micro herd… anyhow the Sour D didn’t love it. at.all. Leaves started curling here and there and just all around looking like it was fighting a cold. After the most recent watering with raw unsoftened water it’s looking much better.


2 week money shot

Did a little defoliation on the Maui and Sour D. Tied the Maui back a little further…that thing loooooves to branch.

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I’m slippin - it’s been 8 days.

That’s 3 weeks. Maui is about 8. Diesel 9 and Haze 10.

I’ve switched to using untreated well water - bypassing the water softener and things are better off for it. The Maui is a trooper and the haze tolerant of my haphazard gardening but the Sour D is a finicky bitch. Same soil mix for everyone and she’s the only one that’s consistently up and down. Looking great one day and curled up leaves less than a week later and back again. I’ve read they were not a simple grow and that’s proving itself. Not sure what I can do different aside from controlling the environment better. Mainly just humidity.


This was a busy week in the garden. Things continued filling out. The sour d continues to live with no real negative consequences but still looks like it’s dragging ass. The Maui is happy happy as usual and the Silver Haze as predictable as ever.

Here’s the three nicest tops on the Maui. TheY sorta live together off on the outside edge of things.

And here’s a silver haze cola in the making. This is such pretty weed once it starts packing on the resin.

And finally some action in the cloner. The day I flipped the lights I thinned and stole some lower branches and stuck ‘em in the cloner. Some were too small to expect results but at this point I’ve got roots on 50% of what would have otherwise been compost. The four best moved to 1gal pots this evening.

My usual method is to fill my grow bags with the nice organic mix in my raised bed veggie garden. Given that it’s under two or three feet of snow and frozen solid right now I opted for some ready made mix. I’ve had good experiences with Coast of Maine products and decided for the first time ever to try the Stonington Mix which they specifically recommend for cannabis. These four are in straight Stonington mix and based on CoM’s schedule a 5 gallon pot has enough food for 30days before it needs supplementing. My guess is in 3ish weeks I’ll want to move them to 5 gallon bags. Maybe the Sour D will like this mix better than mine.


Really happy with how things are looking today. Those flowers are stacking up and filling in!


Maui and Silver Haze…

5 weeks today. This Maui is from ILGM and according to the write-up is supposed to be an 8 week strain. I will be baffled if she wraps up in three weeks from now. She’s just starting to kick out trichomes and the aroma has really developed a lot over the last week…if I was just guessing though and didn’t know anything about the genetics I’d have said it’s got another 4-5 weeks. We’ll see… it might…

The Silver Haze is supposed to be 10 weeks and looks like I’d expect. The Sour D is 9 weeks but me it looks like a lanky ass straight sativa that should take at least 12…again…we’ll see. This is my first time growing any of these strains so everything is an unknown.

If anyone has grown ILGM Sour D or Maui Wowie I’d love to hear about your experience.


Here’s a look at the start of the next grow round. Took about a dozen clones back in December before I flipped the lights. I kept the nicest of the six that rooted. Will probably keep two or three of these and give the rest away, or just let them veg for a super long time to go out for the summer

Here’s a Maui and a super silver haze that are about 10 days post transplant into dirt. Started a little LST last night before bed and it’s already sticking its head back up.

Five days can make a noticeable difference when a clone is little. Here’s the same two clones from the previous pic 5 days later.

The really lush healthy one is Super Silver Haze. The twisted up gnarly looking fucker is Maui Wowie. In the previous post those are on the left and right respectively

Here’s a look at the little clone farm. These are all rooted and settling in so should see some strong growth this week.

And here’s what’s good in the flowering tent… a forest of sour D… this is about 38 days in… they go for 65ish. I think I’m gonna be staking up some serious donkey dicks on this in a couple of weeks

And here’s a look at the Super Silver Haze filling in. These got nute burnt a bit but she’s fine. hey shit happens when you livin on the edge.

The silver haze should have vegged longer. I expected more stretch and it has acted practically like an indica in stature. Next time… round two for the SSH starts in March as soon as these clones are ready to flip.

Really the SSH has been easy as fuck to grow. It branches predictably, takes to training easily and gives good results without much effort.


I looked back through my notes and regardless of what I’ve said in previous posts this is really about day 45 of flowering. 6 1/2 weeks for my future reference when I’m too stoned to do the math.

I’ve been giving the Maui Wowie open Sesame the last couple of waterings. She’s a tough bird and I know she can take it so might as well pump up the jam.

Sour D is being kept salt free, it’s needed a couple of hits of nitrogen along the way which Has been taken care of with Neptune’s Harvest Fish and Seaweed Fertilizer. The soil mix these are growing in is from my raised bed vegetable garden which is heavy on P, K, and minerals. Trying to grow those high brix veggies and it’s all about having plenty of calcium and trace minerals. The point is this mix doesn’t really need much in the way of supplements for flowering. Now that I think about it this is also the first time I’ve grown a full crop - seed to Bud – with this mix. Bodes well for the vegetables this summer

I still have absolutely nothing to say about the silver haze. It’s the simplest fucking thing I’ve ever grown in my life end it almost feels like if I tried to kill it I couldn’t. If you look at those back to silver hazes you can see the Leaves all have a bit of nutrient burn, a little more than I probably should have. It’s just everything I do doesn’t really seem to affect them one way or another. These are so tough I wanna grow one outside this summer but I doubt it will finish and I really don’t want to bring plants inside this fall if I can avoid it. That was a real pain in the ass.


Looking good brother I may have to try growing some SH soon