New seed day! Time to start the winter grow

My ILGM order showed up today. Banana Kush Auto for next spring, and Maui Wowie and Sour D for indoors this winter.

The other night I popped a couple of Super Silver Haze that I somehow failed to grow this summer. I’ll pop a couple of those Sour Deez and Maui’s tonight too.

Time to finish setting up my new grow room…


Seeds are cracking and will be ready to plant soon. I pulled a huge boner… I dropped the labels and have no idea which seeds are the Maui and which are the Sour D. I have a feeling the sour D will be pretty easy to identify when it starts flowering but damnnnn that was a dumb stoned move.


Finishing off the grow room set up today – will post some pictures a little later on.

I’m firing up my metal halide bulb in my 1000w lamp for the first time. It’s a double ended one from yield labs. I’ve never had a metal halide bulb for veg growth this powerful before. Do I treat this the same as high pressure sodium and just run it at 100% and adjust the height appropriately using the good old back of your hand test?

This ballast has a power adjustment, I can run it at 50, 75, or 100% power. Ventilation is totally adequate to keep temperatures in the room where they need to be with the light running at max power - is there any reason I should turn the output down or just let her rip?

On a similar note, I’ve always vegged my plants under 24 hours of light. Is that still the good wisdom or is everyone doing 18/6 now?

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Lots of stuff to do still but the girls are moved In and under the big MH light. The bigger ones are Super silver Haze. The smaller two are Sour D and Maui Wowie (just don’t ask me which is which :crazy_face::fu:).

The light needs to get dropped down a few feet, the rest of the electrical mounted off the floor, and the big thing is i need to pick up some 6” flex vent to connect the light hood to the in-line fan.

This is my first time using a grow tent and first time with grow bags indoors - what do I do about the runoff from watering? Do I need drip trays for all my plants?


Try tagging some experienced growers.@kellydans Myfriendis410 among others.

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I take my plants out of the tent every 3 days. For watering an feeding I have a rack I set them on a folding table I catch the runoff check PPM and pH when needed .I usually let them quit dripping before I put them back in the tent . It also makes trimming a Little easier sitting out on the table where I can spin it around. Other Growers have ways of catching runoff in the tent . I have heard people speak of using a Shop-Vac . Just my thoughts good luck with your new venture. @Zee @merlin44 what’s your thoughts.


I recommend them, like KellyD mentioned, I take them out of tent to water, till late stage flowering, when I can’t move them due to scrog net, I than use a 300ml syringe to remove the runoff.

I keep my 600w MH bulb 18" above my girls during veggie stage.


Nice setup - have all your essentials shelved right beside tent. Great job :+1:

What are you feeding? If organic you won’t water until runoff and don’t have to do a thing with it if any puddles (will bottom soak).

I used to use shop vac - one of the many reasons I switched from bottled nutes

Most do 18/6 from a efficiency stand point. Some argue they need dark to heal but nothing proven that I’ve seen so far. Shouldn’t hurt running 24/7

I’ve never ran HID but I would assume you’d need to dial it in. I would run 50 through veg and would start kicking up mid way through flower. Again I’ve never ran it though - I’d trust your instincts :+1: goodluck m8


Each of the six plants in my main room sit on a base which has casters, a raised rack and a drip pan. The drip pan can be slid out and dumped or, when flushing a transfer pump or shop vac to remove large amounts of runoff.
Here is a photo showing the cart:

Four of the six plants have a SCROG screen, the other two are trained to the same height as the screen.

Having the base on casters allows me to move the plants around, rotate them, and gives me excellent access for pruning and inspection.


Yeah that’s nice and I’m sure very convenient, I had seen some of your PVC racks that you built a couple years ago, that’s why I wanted to tag you in to share with @Deez . Stay safe and have a good holiday my friend.


You as well @kellydans…we will be staying home and celebrating very quietly.


Thanks for all the great advice folks.

@Weedlover1 and @kellydans thanks for tagging in some assistance

@Zee all these were under t5 fluorescents so far and I’ve got em under the 1000w MH now and dropped the light down to about 30” above the tops the other night… now that I’ve got the venting all hooked up through the hood I can probably drop it down lower. I think I’ll stick with 24/7 for this run but probably do 18/6 for the next batch.

I do grow organic so I don’t anticipate a ton of runoff but shop vac I can keep nearby and I can pick up a baster. I’ve noticed the grow bags tend to let water out the sides just as easily as the bottom sometimes so they seem like they’ll make a bit more of a mess than typical pots. Jury’s still out for me on these things.

@merlin44 I’ve always been interested to try scrog - I’d love to see your grow with that set up. I had some fun with LST back over the summer and at the minimum I’ll be topping and bending this crop but maybe some scroggin is in my future.


Here is a link to my Monday update:


So @merlin44 you’re either an old engineer or someone who missed his true calling. Very good set up especially with the Drip trays. I’d imagine the way you did that your plants can drip and not sit in it and you can probably just let the drip pans evaporate Eh?

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You are correct, I am old and I am a retired electrical engineer. I was a self-employed general contractor for about 10 years as well.

I can let the runoff evaporate sometimes but it is easy enough to slide the trays out and dump them in a bucket for disposal as well. Thank you for the kind words and have a safe, healthy and happy Thanksgiving.


Makes sense since you can easily slide the drip trays out. I have limited vertical space or at least I can tell I will be dealing with that down the road. Even though I’m in a full height tent you lose at least a foot or 15” to the light hood and hanging hardware… as it is I wall-mounted the in-line fan outside the tent to maximize head space and minimize bends in the exhaust vent much as possible. Anyhow I’d have to build a slightly lower profile version of what you’ve done but I dig the concept and I have fun working with PVC fittings.

Thanks for the knowledge and links.

Wanna see something surreal this thanksgiving? Check out the Macy’s parade on YouTube - no crowds - they’re performing in silence.


Did a little tidying up today and got the ventilation sorted out And components mounted on the wall. Somethings not right with the temperature sensor for the cloud line S6 all of a sudden. It was reading fine before but after mounting everything it stared reading 110F and 99% humidity which is totally wrong. So I followed the instructions to press the menu and down arrow to calibrate the temp and I was too stupid to figure it out. Next thing I know it’s reading 32F. I have no clue what’s up - I didn’t damage the sensor wire or the sensor as far as I can tell. I’ve tried reseating the connector to the controller - didn’t change anything. I’m a computer tech so of course I’ve powered it off and back on again :laughing: For now I have the fan running in manual mode. Any advice?


AC Infinity for the win. I emailed them over the weekend and they responded today. Asked me to take a video of the issue in action and they’d send me a new sensor and controller. I’m totally satisfied with that service!


Here’s a look in the tent. The super silver haze are in the back and the maui/diesel are in the front row. Those two just got transplanted on Saturday probably a couple days later than they should’ve been. I got distracted drinking beer and eating turkey and left those two to eat their own lower leaves in the meantime :joy: no harm… just some dead leaves.

Things are perking up now though after the transplanting…maybe I’ll try the whole one pot-no transplant thing at some point. I rock a pretty hot mix though so I tend to like my plants to be at least a little grown up before transplanting.

I topped the two SSH yesterday morning. I’m gonna LST from there.


Wow been two weeks… time flies between turkey day and Christmas.

I got these great flexible soft rubber ties on a 25’ spool at the agway. It was a good upgrade from the surveyors twine I was using when I started LST.

There’s a few friends in the grow tent along with the doja. There’s some chives, dill that just sprouted, Rosemary, mint that I just planted, an arm that someone who shall remain nameless knocked off of the Thanksgiving Cactus that I replanted, and a pup from this desert flower plant we have upstairs.

I don’t want to rush into flowering but hoping that by the end of the month things are looking ready.