New round! Cherry Cola X2 by FastBuds

@Se7en A couple of things for you…

First, the leaf pic you posted, I’m not sure what that is. Can you get pics of the top and bottom of the same leaf? and also a pic zoomed out to see the big picture. Assuming you’re looking at the blackish-looking dots? Do you see anything else wrong with the plant anywhere else?

Second, as for the CBD… I just found a pure CBD strain that ILGM offers.

My wife uses CBD from Verma Farms, she really likes their gummies. That being said, there is little to no THC in CBD gummies, so, they are safe for kids and pets. I told my wife about the CBD strain and she is all about trying it. I’m hoping to pull 20 - 30 ounces of CBD flower that I’ll turn into CBD edibles.

Next year, I plan to run Landrace Hindu Kush (100% Indica) and Durban Poison (100% Sativa) strains as my photoperiod grows, and I’ll continue to run my auto-flowers Purple Kush (PPK) and Super Lemon Haze (SLH) to fill in the gaps and maximize grow space. I started looking into the Landrace strains and I’m kinda interested in them after my recent experience with a heavy Sativa (SLH).

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Nothing helpful to offer except to tag @Lacewing - maybe he sees something there


Ya, got me. I would say check for bugs too haha.


Thanks for tagging me in … @Graysin
I don’t see anything alarming at all as far as pests go .
I see the black dots …but I also see like a lighter green discoloration which could be mistaken for those spots that cloraphyl sucking pests leave behind but I don’t think it’s that
I may be the worst person but because I grow outdoors the things I see on my plants and think it’s something and turns out to be nothing lol …
You said only one finger and one leaf …if that’s all you see I think you are fine …I’m sorry but in my opinion no pest is going to do that little bit of damage and decide to go away …it would be much more pronounced and in more places than one …because once you see damage there’s already many pests on the plant …
To me this just looks like nothing to worry about …
Of course I could be wrong and if I am I’m sorry …but I’d be sleeping just fine at night knowing that’s all I see on my plant lol


@Lacewing ahhaha no worries at all thank you! I been keeping an eye everywhere and there’s nothing else so im not gunna worry too much about it :slight_smile:


So I made the switch over to organic dry amendments :sunglasses::raised_hands:t2: Will see how the next run does with them


Cool on the new nutes.

I hope that your daughter’s nose is healing well!


@Twelve1 shes healed wonderfully brother thank you for asking :pray:t2:


Great to hear! :star_struck: :+1:



Cherry cola auto #1 & #2


Banana purple punch auto

Cherry cola #3

Super iced grapefruit (photo)

OG kush (photo)

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