New rosin press

Hi guys, sorry if im in wrong spot

Got a new press. 5 ton 3.5g max

I’ve been messing around for a few hours. Im getting about .5 g per 3.5g (auto flower)

I pressed gorilla at 210°f it was brown and muddy

2nd gorilla 195° seemed better, but still dark

3rd was northern lights at 220° still dark

4th northern at 195° That was lightest about like carmel

I’d like to get shatter. It seemed the hotter i pressed the gooier it became. But 195° wasn’t near shatter.

I looked for some info here but no luck. Any suggestions. Or really good links or video?

@SilvaBack203 @Nicky

Thanks guys


Lower the temp to 180° the yield will decrease but the terpenes will b better. Every strain is a bit different.


Sweet, thank you. Im having a blast :laughing:

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It really is a nice process

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Pressing rosin is an art… It’s something that comes with experience so just remind yourself that everyone burns through lots of product before they get good and it takes time.

The biggest saying in rosin pressing is
:fire: in, :fire: out. meaning your starting product will make all the difference.

The Amber shatter all the Commerical producers produce do that because it’s wasteful and its harder for home producers to make. don’t worry about the color to much. look at your starting product with a USB microscope, is there Amber in the tricombs? then that will dictate the color of the concentrate. only want Amber? harvest prematurely (loose weight/potency) and then press at a low temperature slowly and don’t over pressure it.

You know the temp ranges, now to remind yourselves not to over pressure.

warm you puck up and then slowly apply pressure. give it one finally tight squeeze for 30sec or less.

Get away from pressing flower asap.

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Thanks @Nicky, ive pressed about an ounce now. My press only handles 3.5g at a time.

I’ve had decent success i guess for autoflower. About a 1/2g each press. I was hoping for a carmel color but by the time i get it off the parchment, it’s pretty much dark brown.

I think i need better parchment. I have generic.

Tried 2 presses without pouches. Just made plug with jerry rigged plug maker. I think I prefer the pouches

I think i had a little better success using good trim in the 160 mic vs flower in the 90. Next grow will be photoperiod. I read Durbin poison was good for pressing

Do you mainly press leaf?

Pressing trim is a waste your results won’t be anything resembling what pressing bud will be.
I mainly press ice water bubble hash.
If you don’t want to make bubble hash then dry sift would be the way to go.
After dry sifting throw those buds with your trim and make an oil then use the oil to make gummies or just oil or butter rather then oil but I find oil and gummies are most liked by me and others.

Use Reynolds parchment paper it’s fine, everyone uses it.

The older your material the worse the results I had old stuff over a year old and it was tough. Some strains are good for pressing others are not.

If you want to focus on pressing or hash making then pick the right strains.

The lower the micron the better quality product you’ll receive in terms of how much contaminates it filters out. But it can also cut yeilds I always use rosin bags and I always use bottle tech method, learning to fold the corners is an art lol. YouTube it

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Im getting better :laughing: I use a q-tip. Plus made like a little shoe horn that help keep the pouch stable and open real well

Im gonna try the bubble hash I think. I have an autoflower grow going now. I might wait until I do the photos

Definitely want to make some oil. So far my wife has made about 5lbs of butter or more. Lots of chocolate chip cookies :laughing: They were extremely potent but generally taste like shit. I wanna make gummies

Which strains do you like for hash?

Thanks for all the good advice as usual. You always make my list longer :rofl:

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A company called bloom is who I want to grow from, everyone ranting and raving about their hash genetics basically anything they grow will wash well but the more you pay the better the yeilds… However!! All hash generic companies are expecting that the growers are seasoned enough to understand that pheno selection is key.
So most who get into hash alter their growing style to run photos. They run a batch of seeds and cut clones from all those mothers, whichever washes the best then they keep that clone toss the rest and clone it again. Keeping that int heir supply.

If your space is limited like most of us then just selecting a good strains s good breeder and running all the seeds works.

The more I get into concentrates the more I understand that not many strains are needed.
It’s nice to have two sativas and two indicas and maybe a hybrid in your stash or two hybrids but not much else is needed. Terps can be added later to change flavour, smell and even effects. Yielding is important.
Since me and my girlfriend like indicas if I was home I would run two indica strains in one tent and a sativa in the other.

It takes a while to pheno hunt but the payoff is worth it.

However lots of home growers just drop seeds and say who cares get what we get.

There are guidelines out there for generic guidelines for strains but genetics are so key that breeder matters and lineage. So maybe try both drop some bloom seeds or some Omni seed Co seeds along some strains that are said to yeild well like thin mint cookies.
GMO is one of the top preforming strains day Ij and day out so maybe go with that until you get the hang of it. Find a breeder you trust who has a GMO genetic. Spoil yourself later down the line with bloom seeds or omni seeds.

Making edibles and oils are challenging in their own right, ensuring that minimal contamination, that overheating doesn’t happen etc etc.
I’ve made terrible butter and I’ve made good butter. Everything is a rabbit hole and takes practice. Doing something and doing something great are two different things as we all know the difference between dropping a seed in a pot in the window vs a full grow tent setup lol.

Your welcome, sorry if I come off bland or blunt. I’m. Just pressed for time so much these days



Damn, thanks for the info. I understand pheno hunting. I just need to stay legal with only 5 plants. Sooo… unless i get lucky, l’ll probably be dropping feminized seeds for awhile (i have like 3 years worth at 5 plants). If a good one pops up, ill take a couple clones maybe. I should get another tent though. When I grew indoors years ago, i think i just got lucky and got a great strain. It was a great pheno or maybe pure land race. It was fire for 5 years before i lost it

I’ll just be buying my hash, thank you :rofl: :rofl: Im having really good luck just pressing rosin. Color has improved and i have the time and temps down to make it shatter like, not gooy, the way the wife likes it. It’ll only get better when i get some fem flowers to press. Need to stock up on pouches

I totally appreciate the time you take to respond. I know it’s not easy to not to explain a complicated process to a rookie. In my defense, i did only ask what strain you like :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: but i really do appreciate your knowledge.

Thank you so much!! (Notice not one question :wink::heart:)


I enjoy questions it keeps me coming back lol.

Glad your getting results. I bet the wifey is enjoying your fine product very much so


Dang, sorry i missed this. I’ve been having trouble with my link to the forum. I deleted it and created a new one. So far it’s working :crossed_fingers:

Yes, my wife and myself have been happy with the flower and rosin. It gets us higher than dispensary bud. Haven’t really got the taste we’re looking for. But that’s probably just strain related. So far ive only grown Gorilla Glue, GSC, Northern Lights and Banner in the tent. Although right now i have some variety a few weeks into flower. All autoflower

Should be noticing some odor downstairs soon :laughing:

Next grow will be feminized. I’ve got Pure Indiga, Bubba Kush, Grandaddy Purp, Durbin Poison, Purple Haze, Sage Maui Wowie and Taangie (2 A’s) to chose from. Wish I could grow the all at once.

As always thanks for all your help :sunglasses::v:

One of the major variables to control is how your smoking your rosin.

Not sure how you do it now but I would highly recommend a Seahorse Pro Plus, they have a quartz tube and it is amazing.

The only other quality way is to buy a Dr dabber boost evo e rig. $$$

Without the right device even the best cold cure ultra battery rosin like this stuff I got for my xmass gift to myself, will just not taste top notch.

Once you have the right equipment it’s all about processing better and better rosin.
Hash rosin is so far superior to flower rosin that once you see how it smokes and taste how it smokes you’ll never go back.

But start with a good device and then improve your product.

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Me personally, i don’t smoke alot of the concentrates. I usually just put a little on a small bowl of flower :man_shrugging: She already has the Seahorse but not the most current. I think tip is shot from what she described and probably the battery. Rigs are out of the question for me. Puts me on the floor experiencing what I believe to be death :laughing: so… no

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@Nicky @SilvaBack203

My best so far from 1 press. .9 from 5g on northern lights autos


I have a puffcopeak pro, any suggestions for smoking rosin from it. Flower or hash?

Looking nicenmy friend

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Looks VERY nice!!!

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That rosin looks good, color is dependant in so many factors so I would stress to much.

If she has a sea horse then she will get the effect the flavor won’t come withoutt that quartz tube unfortunately. Most setups are designed to get blitzed not taste flavour and all of the seahorses until now were the same imo.

You have the basics down now and if this is what your yeilding it’s just a matter of practice, using best bud and best practices.
Try dry sift, but some 38 micron or smaller rosin bags for hash/dry sift.

@Docnraq the puffco is the 2nd best device on the market imo. I have never used one but seam through hundreds of reviews of e rigs because I almost bought one recently.
I would say #1 is keep the bowl clean after every session clean it with those qtips,they make ones pre soaked in alcohol great to have a tub of those where you keep your rig.

#2 smoke hash rosin, flower rosin is Smokey and leaves residue in your banger.

#3 low temp setting, or find the temp for the main terpenes your smoking is a good way to do it.

Hope that answers everything… I’m so far behind I bought a vape cart from the store even though my closets full and my freezer is full of live product lol… But I’m glad I did I got 3 days off and sent back to work.

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It does thank you.