New Revelations

I’ve realized that my new hobby, yes I consider what I’m doing a hobby, takes a skill that I’m not very good at, keeping records. When, why, what, and where. When did I plant that seed?
When did I notice flowering? How long has it been in flower? I realize that these and many other things need to be recorded or I’ll not learn what Not to Do.
I started growing ? Couldn’t tell you but I know that everything I did in the beginning was oh so wrong. Bought some seeds, germinated 2, bought some really cheap lights, built a frame and covered it with thin Mylar. I overwatered, I didn’t give them enough light, most likely over fertilized. During the grow of these two the covid thing just started. So I guess they germinated in Jan.
I now have two grow tents, very nice lights, good ventilation, ok temp control, great soil, good nutrition, and better watering habits. I was going to trash one of the first plants but my wife says, give it to me I’ll put it in the greenhouse. She did save it but it was about 1 foot high.
Both plants went I to the grow tent and with better lights and care both started to flower. The buds on the little plant are 8 in long. Good buds on the other. With this my first bud growth I was elated.
Again, I didn’t keep records so I don’t know how long they’ve been in flower. Regardless of the size of the buds, I don’t think they’ll be a success. I’m looking for smell, none. What i see looking through the loop is encouraging but not as developed at this stage. I’m loosing leaves and the white hairs are turning ambor.


As it finishes into flowering leaves will go yellow and pistils go brown. The amber takes over the trichs and tell tale sign it’s time to end it’s life. I think you have great insight and are on your way to impressive results with a little more work. Coming into this site was a big bonus and with the sites help your next grow will knock your sox off…


I made up a simple chart to keep track of grow
Most any word type program can do this . Took me 3 minutes to do this sample just now
It really helps to keep notes to see the good and bad

I found it helpful to finally accept one of the stack of paper calendars my elderly father accumulates every year.

Every time I work on the hobby I mark it down.

Even though I have worked with (building, coding, etc) computers for about 40 years, I still find myself forgetting to use apps or excel to keep track.

I suppose it just takes detication and consistent time to develop the habit.


Its gotta be easy or I neglect it.
I print up one sheet per plant and i update while having coffee in the morning.
I can still remember the day before so far,hahaha

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These might be helpful?? I still see alot of white pistils so I’m thinking you still have some time to go