New Problem with Fertlizer

OK, I followed the recommended amount of Fox Farm fertilize told to me here yesterday and now all the leafs on my plants turned yellow in about 18 hours time. What can I do to rectify this new problem?? I really can’t afford to loose these auto plants. Has anyone had this problem before??I should in the future stick to what I do best and grow regular plants. again HELP, HELP…lol

Do you have any pics? If it is nutrient burn from over feeding, then all you can do is flush the plants with water for a week or so and try feeding half or quarter of the suggest amount of fertilizer in the future. Good luck!


They don’t know what strain you are growing. Especially Auto’s are very sensitive to changes.
Plants are overdosed…best thing is get some FLUSH additive and try to run the overdose out! Then use plain water for a week to help the Ladies.

FYI…start ALL nutes at 20% of mfg schedules. Adjust as needed and Ladies show you if they like.

All my feeding is done at about 30% of mfg’s feeding schedules…

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Less is much better…as you can always increase %. Once burnt to a crisp…may not come back.

Wish you had asked me…I lost more than a few plants trying to use the mfg’s listed feeding schedules.

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Hello, I used half what they recommend but the amount after mixing of solution that was recommended on this site. Before I would just give a splash of what I mixed up. In the future i’m not going to feed autoflowers because I start with a good quality soil and they only need 70 days from start to finish. I thought I would get a better yield so I tried it. I think I can maybe pull them through but some are in full blown flower so time will tell…

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are you using PH meter?

Thanks I did cut back on what the manufacture recommended but was told to give each plant about a gallon of the mixed solution and I think with the high quality soil the autoflowers just had too much good stuff. Thanks for your recommendation…

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yes the PH is rite at 6.2

I suggest starting at 20% of feeding schedules. Especially auto’s…are sensitive.
Most of my grows are only at max of about 30 to 35% of feeding schedules.

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FYI-----an experienced hydro store will tell you Fox Farm fertilized media is well known for burning.
They will also tell you it’s a good idea to mix 50/50 with unfertilized media.

Really?? I have never heard that . Is it the same as in soil? I’m not doing hydro. What I tried was the Flower Power that ILGM sells but I think it is far to strong even at 1/4 strength.

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Hydro…Grow…Stores are main source of growing supplies.

The results speak for themselves.

Thanks for all the help. I just finished flushing and i’ll see how it goes. I’ll get some photos to put up. I just got my first iphone (yea laugh it up) traded in my flip phone. So i’ll get some up later…Thanks again to all…


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Get that pH up to 6.5-6.7, since you’re in bloom.

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