New plants very top heavy

My little wedding cake girls were planted nearly a month ago. They are so top heavy. I think they need stronger light, but not sure. One thing I know for sure is they are fragile at this stage. What should I do? Thanks!

You can repot them in a bigger pot and bury the stem as much as you want and either yes get a stronger light or move them closer to the light you have now.


You also don’t want clear cups. You don’t want light getting to the roots.

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Good catch!

You better fill out a grow form, if those plants are a month old you have multiple issues. A month old plant should be over a foot tall with multiple branchings and lots of healthy growth.

That was a month ago the seeds went into the dirt, not sure if I was clear about that. Also the light I was using was only like 45 watts. I just installed a 1000 watt grow light