New plants don’t look too happy

Started two seeds in coco coir, they germinated fine and looked pretty good initially. I’ve been trying not to overwater, but also not letting them dry out. I want to plant them outside as soon as they get more established, but I’m not sure they will make it that far…

No nutes, no calmag? Coco has no nutrients in it and pretty much need to fed pretty quick after sprouting and is always hungry for calmag.


Spotted 1 problem off top soon seen picture, see photo below… This covering is really only for Germination of your seeds, it’s not meant to use as growing material. This type material can’t breath properly, and it will not allow your roots to pass through it. Thus suffocating your root system. To remove, take plant out as if you were going to transplant it again, lay bulb and plant on it’s side, on top of the pot that will be plants final pot. Take scissors and gently cut only the bulb skirt, all way to bottom middle of bulb, roll bulb and plant over, now cut skirt all way up other side. Now put plant and loosed bulb in final transplant hole. Now your plant will be able to breath and should perk up within a day or 2. Note: If you exposed any roots during this process, go ahead and give it a cup of water after you get it re-planted.


great info!

I had figured that out. I had already cut it at the bottom and several places down the sides. I pulled it out yesterday. I plan on leaving them in the compost-able pots when putting in a planter. Reviews of these little pots say they have a habit of falling apart quickly, so I assume that it will be OK to plant them in these. And I’ll have some CalMeg tomorrow