New plant problems

3 day old newbie looking rough! Looks to be dying. Not standing tall and perky like this morning but more shriveled up and limp now. Only thing I have done is taken the dome off of it.

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Put the dome back on. It needs to be under a dome for 2 weeks. The only way it can uptake moisture is through the leaves right now until a tap root is established. How hot is it too? You could easily zorch it with hot lights.

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Thanks! Just put dome back on them!

Now to wait and see how she looks in the morning!

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Both girls are still hanging in there. Still a no show on the other two. I Decided to soak 2 more in water with hp for 24 hours went to place in soil and dropped 1 so I just got another seed and low and behold many hours later I found the dropped seed and said what the heck I placed it in soil also.

As if this moment I have two plants that are week old and 4 seeds I am trying to germinate.
Switched lights and am using grow light strips with heating pad!