New plant, new beginning

Here goes another one. Just transitioning into flower stage. Last plant was a Male. This one shows hopeful signs. Genetics show signs of disease from early on. Slight deformities appearing in some leaves, same exact deformity, same exact spot on each leaf. Leaf edges curling like that since week 1. Using a mixture of coffee and mushroom tea for fertilizer. I spray the dirt heavy before watering when it needs water, and I give a foliar spray every 3 to 4 hours. The plant gets more vibrant and more green the more I use this spray. I read that mushrooms are very high in phosphorus as well contains many other essential nutrients the plant needs. You can use any raw mushrooms from the grocery store. Do not rinse the mushrooms. Tear them up into small enough pieces and boil them for about four minutes (but not on high, just slightly lower), then turn down heat to near lowest and let simmer about 10 more minutes. Drain the water into something you can cool it down safely in. The water should be brown. There’s your mushroom tea for your plants. But back to the topic. I have the plant sitting under led grow lights I bought from home depot that give off blue spectrum and red spectrum light in the proper wavelengths. My plant has been doing well under these conditions considering it was already had a predisposition to genetically inherited disease. Here’s a few pics

I’m pretty sure it’s a girl, I do see long calyx like protrusions between the stamen and new branches. But I’m going to wait for about five days of light dark cycles before I determine what gender the plant is.

Not close enough detail to know sex.


Like I said, you have to be here using a magnifying glass to see it. Are you one of ilgm experts? How long have you been growing weed? Did you graduate high school? What’s your IQ? Do you have godlike comprehension skills? (Comprehension is your ability to understand things). How good is your vision? I read plenty of studies that state if you have a trained eye and know what you’re looking for, the sex can often be predicted correctly. Plus does anyone ever understand what maybe means. Like where ever did I say “I know” ? If you read it states " I’m pretty sure but I’ll wait before I determine" to put it shortly. That means I’m guessing by educated observation that it very well maybe. I think you’re one those people that just like to shit on peoples parade. Shit on your own parade buddy.

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The original poster asked a question, i answered. I’m not trolling or shitting on any ones parade. Better slow your roll, we don’t tolerate trolls like you in this forum. @dbrn32

Keep it friendly, or get banned. Real simple.


Jeez lol.

You think I’m a troll. I’m just trying to document and share my progress. And I’m not some idiot kid fresh outta high school. And I never asked any question on this topic. Just stating what I have a going on. How can you tell me it’s too early to tell if your not physically here to observe up close with a magnifying glass? How can you even answer a question that was never asked. Get me blocked by ilgm go ahead. I think I’m done here since all people do is shit on others parades… actually no, I’ll just show off the buds when it’s time to harvest, just to prove you wrong. Plus, how could I be troll on my own posts? I’m not even making any comments on anyone’s post. Not saying anything negative, so sorry I’m not trolling anyone. Its know it all mouth runners like you that cause people like me to speak up and stand up for my shit. And like wise you’d be seen as the innocent one and I who stood up for myself will be the one to get banned. You just dont like that I’m calling you out on your shit. You think your some hotshot expert on growing pot huh? Well you aren’t the only one. And if anything Bergman is the only expert I really seem to observe here. Y’all can ban me from forums, but I can still use ilgm for information. I’m antisocial mostly so that wouldn’t bother me. I still get my information I need without having to deal with people. Have a nice day dude

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Okay, man. Keep it green. Nobody claimed expert level here. Just growing some medicine. Try to keep your posts more positive. Your grow may vary.

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Nobody is going to ban you for having an opinion. But you do need to keep your language and tone in check. Your posts seem pretty condescending to me anyways.

You are correct in that I don’t see you asking questions. But that’s not typically how we operate here. Most are friendly and happy to give or receive feedback about their grows. If you’re not looking for help or any feedback is no problem though. Let’s all just try to be a little more polite.