New Pistols at end of grow


What’s going on with my girls. I am 12 weeks in on my Northern Lights Auto and two weeks away from harvest and this morning I noticed all these new white pistols sprout up. Last week all the pistols were mostly brown an turned in. This is an indoor grow with spiderfarm 2000 light I stopped feeding them last week an have been flushing them…


How long has she been in flower? New pistils can grow all the way through flowering. That much leads me to believe she has a few weeks (3 or more) until harvest. (I tend to harvest later.)

Ignore the sugar leaves when checking trichomes. Older bud will show amber sooner. You can always do a partial harvest if you have the space to dry your bud.

To do a partial harvest I just cut one off ?

Foxtails, harvest when you were going to and cut those parts at trim. They won’t be ready for smoking when the rest is optimal for pull.

Yes, but you are flushing. Removing the available nutrients will hamper the future harvest. I don’t flush.

How long has she been in flower?

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Not sure she popped up on Oct 25th.

I dont flush either so can I just cut one off ?

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Not uncommon for a plant to push a few white pistols up to end. But your plant is pushing more than a few. I had a auto northern light went 16 weeks to finish. :v::+1: