New pics update


Nice ,what strain is that? great growing :rofl: :bat:

They look great! May wanna try to keep pic updates to one thread.

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Its girl scout cookies auto and a critical purple auto

Im not sure how to keep to one thread ive tried finding where u do that

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Just as you click on the notification for this one.

I read that your a big fan of Moby Dick. Thinking on a future grow. What say you. happy growing :bat: :rofl:

Yah i do have my future grow worked out and yes one strain i will be growing is a moby dick auto it yeilds high and it produces big buds and i will probably do whote widow auto or a purple lemonade auto i have quite a few seeds to choose from or i mite do a PKF

Hey guys some new pics


I was going to just say nice and be gone. Have to have 7 characters ya know.

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Looking good Tezza. Out of likes bro. Too many good posts lately :heart:

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Heres a new pic


Hi Tezza2.
Where abouts in OZ are you?
Do you have an Aussie place you buy your seeds? as I am sick of growing bag seeds.
Plants looking great too.

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Sticky seeds uk and herbies seeds


Thank you.

No worries

Hey guys the lastest pics

They have abit of nute burn ive been pushing them abit with bloom boosters


Guys i have done some defoliation but i want to ask yous all should i take most of the leaves off the buds leaving the leaves at the top of the buds cause i want to open her up more to allow for more light to penetrate the canopy let me know what you all think

New pics guys

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