New pics of my girls and other experiments

Hey guys i have new pics of my girls plus some other stuff i have two new purple lemonade autos seedlings going there two to three days old i have bok choy in dwc which is six days old i think could be younger not sure and the same with the other bok choy there the same age but there in rockwool in a eski lid and my big girls there six weeks from seed the purple lemonade auto is flowering already and the gorilla glue auto hasnt started pre flower yet its still growing


Ĺooks great

@Aussie_autos in your first pic, are you trying to reveg that clone or are you going to let it flower as is? Just curious, I had 3 that size that were flowering when they rooted and I let them finish (no choice, only 1 tent and it was on 12/12 for the main ladies!). Didn’t yield much, but it was a fun experiment!

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Yah i have a clone going at the moment its just a bit of fun

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You’ll like the purple lemonade pretty plant nice high

Looking good Mate.

Yah i havent tried the purple lemonade yet but i cant wait i do like the taste of purple strains and the high is more body and mind high i find

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