New Patchwork at Night

As you can see, I’m Patching in a small area. I’m just 1 week into Patch. From all the reading I been doing on
E-Books from here, and on forum here, I still got to get a few things. But things look good and in place and on target. Now I need those 5 gal grow tubs for final implant. More nute soil, and a pH meter. Got lights, got fan, got more space if I get overgrown… Looks like I’m set for the journey, wish me luck. And happy Growing to all of Yall out there. May you have good yields.


Welcome to ILGM forum. Don’t hesitate to ask questions. There’s a lot of experienced growers who can help out if you are not sure about something. Good luck and happy growing.


Looked like my girls were stretching for the sun, so I lowered my light.

Ok got my final grow bags 3 gal. Will get 9 months treated soil tomorrow. Will also do final transplant of my 8 girls tomorrow. We will go from there. I am making a journal but I’d rather get more detail on it b4 I post it, because once posted, you can’t edit it.
Might wait and post my journal at end of season.

Here is my girls final pot, without soil.

Here’s my girls after 1 week.

I’m switching soil on them for their final grow pot, I hope it don’t stun them. Reason: The soil I’m using now is old, I think it lost its nutrition already. Because my girls hasn’t grown much at all.
Will be switching to,

Come on yall, I’m a poor man on a fixed income. I can’t afford all the high dollar stuff.

Well it’s 6-19-20 and I got all 8 of my girls transplanted into their final 3 gal grow bag today. Pre-treated soil good for up to 9 months. So I say I got about 8 months worth food in that soil for them, b4 I need worry about nutes.

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6-20-20 I gave each of my girls 2 cups of water today. Exactly 20 oz. out of 20 oz. drink bottle.
Will not water them again for 2 days. Also decided to leave lights on continuous, because still in seedling stage. Will leave lights on until 3 weeks old.

6-21-20 All this is in the wrong place on the Forum. I will be doing a journal in the journal section, with same topic name: “New Patchwork at Night”.


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