New outside grow (Starting indoor)

Hello it’s vizzle I’m back again this year for an outdoor grow this time in fernley Nevada ! Right now I have them inside because the locals told me that the weather isn’t right to put them outside until around the end of April, because of frost. This what she looks like now.

Strain : Gorilla glue (Clone)

Any tips and information will be greatly appreciated


You might put another cup over the clear cups. Roots don’t like to be exposed to light. You also will want to cut some holes in the bottom of the clear cup to let excess water drain out. :slight_smile:
If you need to wait to the end of April, I think you are going to need a transplant. You could put the plant into a 3 gallon smart pot until you can get outside.
Do you have any nutrients? Looks like the plant is healthy. (You didn’t mention what the soil is in the cup).
Good luck!!

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I have access to nutrients I haven’t used any yet and there are holes in the bottom. But still like you said a transplant will be needed and done in the next couple days (just got the clone yesterday) and it’s in miracle grow soil :nauseated_face:

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I would definitely preludes wait until it grows out of the diapers before transplanting outside…

Hey Hey, @Itsvizzle Good to see the post!

Hey good luck with the grow, set to watching!

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End of April? If we are really lucky. I’m in Carson City and I usually don’t get mine out till the end of May. I keep them in 3 gallon containers until then. I stick them in the sun during the day and bring them in at night. Once June hits, a 30% shade cloth helps them along until they flower in the middle of August. Stake them well or the wind will tear them to pieces. In September, watch them closely for Russett mites as they are everywhere around here.

And Gorilla Glue loves CalMag, so be ready to feed her plenty.

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Thanks for the information and can you fill me in on this west coast climate more ?

Days in the 90s, nights in the 50’s, sustained winds at times of 30-40 mph with 50 to 60 mph gusts. Very low humidity, at times as low as 9 percent. A big cool down happens around the second week of September and there can be light frosts or even snow by October.

So, tough mountain Indicas or auto flowers are the way to go.


Oh, btw, Fernley is often referred to as Ferntucky. Make sure your grow is well secured or your plants may walk away!

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Good information sir thank you and frost in October ? It’s different over here versus Georgia where my last grow was

Huh?? What do you mean ?? Im a new resident ??

Update: !!! I transplanted her earlier today and watered the medium lightly. No holes in the new pot but will make some soon!

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Frost or snow, but then it warms up again. Fernley used to be a place with shacky, run down trailers and quite a few undesirable types. It’s changed quite a bit over the last few years—and for the better.

But the climate is going to be very different from Georgia.

So people my plant fell over soil and all i it was bent at about a 22 degrees but no snap … I turned white is she gonna die? I’ve done some research and they say self healing is involved ?? Explanations and advice?? Was wilted for about 10 min after accident but peeled up a little sense then bent it in other direction

She will be fine.

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