New outdoor grower, Northern IL

Hello everyone,
New member to the forum, but have been lurking and reading up on all the good info there is. Really interesting stuff and so much to learn. This is my first attempt at growing. I started with the Auto 2.0 from here at ILGM. I have 5 plants going outside that i started the 1st week of May. I used Promix with Perlite and worm castings. I have begun adding some organic tomato food to the watering, from rain barrels in the last couple weeks. Haven’t really had to water with all of the rain. I have 2 Jack, 2 OG and a Bubblegum plant going. The Jack plants have seemed to be going strong from the start. I had to restart the OG once and the BG twice, hence the size differences. Great smell coming from the girls. Love checking them out everyday to see progress. Do they look good / right for what they are? Should i be doing more? Think i want to start some more here in the next week or two. Maybe try different soil mixture or something.


Look good. Don’t fix what ain’t broke

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The plants look good. I think it’s good to branch out into other mediums, of course after you get a handle on what your in now obviously.

Awesome, then I will just keep doing what I am doing. I will definitely have more questions as it moves thru flowering. Next weekend I will b starting 6 more seeds. I have 5 pots that I plan to do about the same mixtures as these, and I plan to try the 6th in a spot on my raised veggie garden. Soil should be very good in there as my veggies r goin crazy. Just want to see what happens. Will def document these seeds more to get some more good advice for the next go round.

Should i clip this fan leaf? It is resting directly on top of a cola. If I should cut it, do I take it off right at the stem?