New outdoor grower, need help please

75 days from seed, I feel like I’m in a little over my head. Not sure what to do at this stage as far as lighting, plants are in buckets and can be moved easily. Buds look like they are starting to form.

I’m looking for advice as to how to proceed from here. I’ve read they should be moved to a 12 light 12 dark schedule. That’s not a problem at all. Help please?

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Your Ladies look healthy. As long as you are growing outdoors, your not in control of the light schedule. Several options come to mind: move them in and out…or… setup lights and bring them indoors. It’s the shorter light that sends the females into flower.
If you are able to “let them go”, you will get a larger harvest.


Thank you, appreciate the response. I can let them go, or I can put them on a light schedule. If I just leave them, the harvest yield will be larger? Should I worry about mold if they’re outdoor plants? I live in Maine so it’s humid currently.

Looks good for veg at 75 days. I suggest you keep them outside, give water and nutrients until they naturally start flower bloom cycle when light is 12 hours or less (September). Give them a calcium and magnesium supplement, and reduce the amount of nitrogen added when you start bloom, or switch to a “bloom” fertilizer blend of N-P-K. There are many other special advanced techniques to get bigger denser buds.

Inspect frequently for bugs, caterpillars, mold, mildew, and leaf color deficiencies. Add stakes or tomato cages to support the fat and heavy buds that stretch up and might break in heavy wind or rain.

You could also take cuttings from the lower branches to make (free) clones, but you would need grow lights to finish the cycle (in November, December).


Thank you Budlite. They’re staked now but I can most certainly add more. I will keep an eye out for the bugs. I may just keep them outside as you and others have suggested. Any advice for keeping outdoor plants mold free? Appreciate the response.

support the Lady. Stakes with plastic coated tomato wire …loosely looped around will focus the Lady on growing leaf/bud instead of stalk.

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Good point, will do. Thanks, appreciate
your time again.

Staked and tied. I used the same flexibility ribbon designed for tomato plants. It looks like they’re tight but I assure you they’re loosey goosey.

Should do what is needed. Good luck


For mold and mildew, I use a Serenade (brand) spray that contains a bacillus subtilis (sp?) safe for organic vegetable farming. There are other brands with that same bacillus. As your plants get bigger, trim out some of the small lower inner leaves and branches to promote air movement and faster drying. Don’t use fungicides intended for roses on edibles or smokables.

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I appreciate every piece of input, thank you folks so much. Im brand new to this forum and am enjoying reading everyone’s stories about growing and whatnot. I’ll update in the coming days and weeks as I’m sure I’ll have questions, this being my first venture into growing.

Another question, and this may sound silly but when do I worry about rainfall damaging any buds?

Ladies are progressing nicely, save for a few leaves turning yellow. Had the Serenade organic spray delivered, use once a week on them. At about almost 3 months.

For anyone interested; I’m at day 97 on my first ever grow. Had no idea what to expect, things seem to be progressing well. Big thanks to those who have thrown me some advice, I really appreciate it. It’s been hot and humid here in Maine, been using Serenade organic spray to fight mold and rot. How do you folks think they look? Open to any and all advice/criticism.

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This is something I’ve worried about for the three years I’ve been growing outdoors and have done a lot of research. From what I’ve learned, if it’s just an occasional rain shower followed by sunshine, just shake off your plants gently and they should dry out without a problem as long as you have good air flow and low humidity. However, if it rains for days it can be an issue. Since I grow my plants in a large fenced enclosure when I know rainstorms are coming that are not just rain showers, I have a canvas tarp I cover the top of the cage with so this keeps them fairly dry while still allowing air to circulate around them. Also, the cage allows me to put up a tight screen to keep the hail from destroying my plants. Having my plants in this cage also constitutes a legal grow here as it’s locked and it helps to discourage thieves, though my three dogs also help in that area. I haven’t had bud rot yet (knock wood) but I’ve also read that humidity plays a part and if you live in an area of high humidity it might be a concern. I’ve never used any chemicals in my grow, only natural compost and have successful grows. I hope this helps but remember that it’s a learning curve. Good luck to you!

Wow that outdoor grow space is very nice. I’m looking to construct something similar to that next season. Yes the humidity has been awful this year. I have heard of several crops lost due to rot, mold and what not. I’m doing all I can, during the day while they’re outdoors I place them close to a window with a fan blowing on them all day. However the soil dries out quick so I find myself watering daily. I now put them in my shed for 12 hours at night due to my neighbor’s obnoxious flood lights. I also have fans in there as well. Thank you for the well wishes, good luck to you as well!

Could anybody tell if this is dark mold on the leaves just to the right of the flower? Ohh I hope not.

Kinda looks that way. Outdoor growing sucks when there is constant humidity and no cover over the plants. Check it in a day to see if it gets worse. If so gently tear it off without getting spores on the bud or branch below. Best of luck!

I noticed it a couple days ago. It has not gotten worse, matter of fact we had some rain and it washed some off. I cut a few of the leaves anyway, but the flower just looks a slight bit darker than all the others. I’ll keep on it, thanks for the input!