New outdoor grow in MA

This is my first post so if I ask something that’s not allowed I apologize in advance :slight_smile: I live in MA and I’d like to plant a small group of ladies outside this year. I have had some success indoors but I’m not sure if that will translate to outside prop. My first obstacle is that I’m unsure of the laws about outdoor growing in MA. You can have either 6-12 plants indoors but I can’t find anything about if that translates into growing in the back yard. Also we have been getting “souvenir” seeds from the UK but many of them have been duds and I’d really like to find someone that’s reputable and local if possible but I’m not sure where to look. I have fibromyalgia and respond better to the high CBD strains which can be challenging to find from a smaller scale seed supplier but would also like some good pain/anxiety relieving THC strains too :slight_smile: Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

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Order your seeds from here, ilgm. I’m pretty sure they got high cbd low thc strains


I live in MA. also. If you are growing outside you can have the same 6-12 plants per person in the household. But they are supposed to be in a locked in and fenced in area.

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Yes ilgm has a viable seed bank. Good genetics and one of the only banks to offer a 100% germination guarentee. If you follow banks germination instructions and seeds don’t pop or you have trouble they will replace seeds. If you order with a credit card you will have your seeds most generally in 1 to 2 weeks.

Welcome to the forum @Melissinmass.

I’m in RI and also a fibromyalgia sufferer. It’s why I grow too. I have only ever grown seeds from here and some gifted clones. You can’t go wrong with ILGM seeds or the people here on the forum for support. If you look in the seed shop and go under medical you can search for high CBD seeds.

I’ve grown several auto’s from here. White widow, Northern lights, Amnesia Haze and Blueberry. I have gorilla glue and gold leaf photo’s going right now. All of them helped me with sleep and pain. But there are lots of details on each strain for you to research for what will work best for you.

Good luck with your seed search and grow. If you start your journal on here please tag me @AnneBonny so I can follow along.

Gold leaf and Crystal strains from ILGM will help with a good bit of what your looking for. Not sure about the fibro