New organic auto grow

It is so hard for me to tell between clear abd cloudy. What does this look like to you?


I’m really not good at looking at the trichomes especially in pictures. The best way I’ve found is to follow the hairs (pistils) to bud and look at the trichomes the leaves are liars and can’t be trusted :flushed: :laughing:

I just found out why im having such a hard time focusing, I’m getting cataracts especially in my left eye.

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Sorry to hear about the ole peepers my friend. Thanks for the wisdom!

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Week 11

Gorilla Glue Auto is weeks away…taking its time.

White Widow Auto is within a week or two by the looks of the leaves and trichs

Cherry Diesel Auto is about the same as WW and FROSTAYYYY!


Week 12


Week 13


Starting week 14 from Sprout.

The Cherry Diesels are folding their leaves upward but still maintaining mostly clear trichomes.

White Widow is pretty much done. Again just waiting on some Amber trichomes.

GG still has a few weeks past the others. Hard to get a picture with light not perverted by LEDs.

Here is the whole gang together. Hoping for a Harvest of at least the CD and WW in a week or so. Thanks for all the help!

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Some up close of the Trichomes! All leaves are pretty much dead and crispy.


Probably going to Harvest in 4 days or so! Amber is starting!