New organic auto grow

I feel like Gorilla Glue is notorious for being slow, like Wedding Cake.


I second and third this motion albeit slow motion lol. My 2 GG are killing me with my impatience lol.


Ima have to harvest and dry in another tent I think so the GG can finish!
I like doing everything all at once but…oh well! This is how we learn.
Next mixed run Ill start the GG 2 weeks before the others.


Nothing goes as planned when you near harvest. The plants don’t finish at the same time, and you wind up moving them around and wishing they were done. More than one tent is a plus. It’s better to wait until the plants are ripe for harvest, than to chop too soon. It’s definitely worth the extra effort.
Drying and curing is what you need to get down perfect now. Chasing RH and temps 24/7 is a blast.