New on the forum, bought 1st seeds from ILGM, my grow journal

Like the title says, I’m new around here, but have been growing since the mid 70"s. been growing indoors for about 6 years now. Most of that time, I have been buying clones from local growers. This is my first time purchasing seeds from ILGM, and while I was skeptical at first, I’m convinced this is the way to go.

I’m using a large Gorilla grow tent, Raptor 6 lights, Titan controls-Apollo 4 timers, Phantom PHE600D ballasts, Active Air 6" in-line fan, Active Air fan speed controller, Phresh Filter in- line charcoal air filter, and Hortilux Super HPS grow lamps.
I’m using Biocanna nutrients.

I’m growing in a mix of 2 bags Fox Farms Happy Frog, 1 bag Fox Farms Ocean Forest and 2 bags of sterilized top soil.

I received my seeds (Patriot Mix Pack) Sept.15th, and they just started flowering yesterday.


Welcome to the forum and that is a nice looking set up you have there. The plant and or plants looking good. :+1::+1::+1:

Looking pro!

I choose seeds so I don’t introduce pests into my grows. Plus with seeds you can phenobarbitals hunt and decide which one is best to clone.

Welcome to the forum!

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Lol. Phenotypes I think was the word that was autocorrected.
Welcome to ILGM. Looking great.


Welcome to the forum and good luck on your grow :grin:

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Pretty girls!!
Welcome to forum!

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@Covertgrower, yeah that too.

But I’m also hunting for phenobarbitals!

Damn auto misspell.


Welcome to the forum. I think that you will find a home here as, I feel like I have. Your plants are looking awesome :+1::+1::+1:


Welcome!!! I love that space around the tent…

When you wanna fly me in to turn it into a few grow rooms gimme a shout

Welcome to ilgm. You made the right choice! Also, That’s a beautiful tent you have there. Gorilla is how I roll too. Happy growing! :seedling:

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Welcome @oldtimer , dam great setup . Is that another tent to the left in the picture ?


Yes it is. That’s my partner in crimes setup, same as mine.


Welcome to ILGM
Looking pretty sweet there @oldtimer :+1:
Looking forward to seeing your results…
Happy grow

Thought I would post some pics of the ladies in bloom for 4 weeks.