New Nutrients? Watering? Nector o the gods

Hi guys has anyone used nector of the gods successfully or unsuccessfully I’d like to try it I think trying to understand it wondering how you water between feedings like nutrs I’m used to or do you feed every time idk just wondering what everyone’s opinion is of notg?

Personally I have used it and it works fine.
I switched to Jacks 321 because its simpler and cheaper.
NFTG line I had 6 bottles of juices to mix each time and the amounts change weekly.
Heres a whole thread about it.


Thank you buddy!

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Just as a general rule of thumb. For almost any nutrient line. In soil you feed every other watering. Which varries. In a hydro environment, innert mediums are hydro too, every single day.

It’s OK when combined with dry amendments but lately I switched to jacks 321 but I still use nectars Zeus juice

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