New nutrients I have been using

Started using some new nutrients and what a difference plants and clones are popping. Anyone used these before? Was using fox farm and seems this combo stresses plant less.

image image


Is that all organic?

The azos in the fish shit is both beneficial bacteria just like Mammoth p I just started using the fish it myself haven’t noticed a difference yet

Get a bag of mikos as well that stuff works great together


Try using mykos along with the azoz
It’s a winning combo
Lmfao @Hogmaster I didn’t even read your post until after I posted too funny

Never tried the other stuff


If you live by a pond or have access to pond water that has fish in it you have the same thing with better microbes and bacteria that is already used to your area and works just like that fish shit stuff.

Just never use the water out of your aquarium when you do a water change . To much ammonia build up in a contained tank